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Meet TableCraft – Callie

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Our Sourcing Specialist, and self-proclaimed Project Manager of Products, is in this week’s #TeamTableCraft spotlight. Callie talks about her favorite kitchen tool, drops the details on her crazy job and why TableCraft is just a fun place to work. Yup, we do love a good joke!

What is your name?

Callie Kurinksy

What’s your title at TableCraft?

Sourcing Specialist

What exactly would you say you do here? (hopefully you read that like the guy from Office Space)

I’d say a large portion of my role at TableCraft is working hand in hand with our magnificent product team, overseas office, sales, procurement and quality departments to bring new and exciting products to the market.  I’d say I’m the Project Manager of Products!!  Ensuring the smoothest flow possible starting with the product team’s ideas to the inventory landing at our warehouse.

What values do you try to uphold in and out of the office?

I pride myself on being passionate, driven and team oriented both in and out of the office.  I found that having strong passion for the things you set forth on accomplishing help drive your end goal, whether it’s making some killer pancakes on a Saturday morning or successfully sourcing a new product line!

Favorite part of working at TableCraft?

There is a variety of reasons why I enjoy working at TableCraft but it all starts with the people we work with.  They are a great group of individuals who will go above and beyond to ensure you’re confident in the work you’re putting out, sort through any questions or confusion but best of all, laugh at a good joke!

Describe TableCraft in 3 words?

Exciting, challenging and FUN

What is our most-used kitchen tool?

Definitely my garlic press, I mean who doesn’t love fresh garlic in almost everything you eat! My ice cream scoop would be a solid second!

What’s your favorite meal?

This is difficult since I love foods of all kinds, but my absolute favorite meal is chicken paprikash.  It’s a simple, yet decadent meal that reminds me of spending afternoons with my grandmother!

What are you currently binging; i.e. TV show, movie series or podcast?

This may be embarrassing but I currently binging “Grey’s Anatomy” for the 3rd time! 😀

The ‘Meet TableCraft’ series is an employee spotlight that aims to introduce you to our TableCraft family. We’re fortunate to have so many fun and interesting people who bring their considerable talents and expertise to the office each morning. And they each contribute to make our company a great place to work.

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