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Meet TableCraft – Yessenia

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Hello Yessenia! This week we’re getting to know our Retail and International Customer Service Rep. and how she’d spend $1 million, her dream trip and her choice to be a mind reader.

What is your name?

Yessenia Abundes

What’s your title at TableCraft?

Retail & International Customer Service Rep

What exactly would you say you do here? (hopefully you read that like the guy from Office Space)

Process orders from both retail and international customers, reply to customers inquiries via telephone/emails and, one of the most important duty I have, is to keep customers happy. 🙂

What values do you try to uphold in and out of the office?

Honesty and trust

Favorite part of working at TableCraft?

Everyday is something different and help is always there when needed.

What did you do before TableCraft?

Instructional assistant for an elementary school

Describe TableCraft in 3 words?

Fun, family, growth

What’s your favorite TV show?


What’s your favorite movie?

“The Notebook”

What’s your favorite meal?

Big juicy steak with fries.

Favorite place you’ve ever traveled to?


What’s the place you’d most like to travel to?


If you could choose one superpower, what would it be and why?

Mind reader, so I know what people are thinking

What was your first car?

A 2008 Chevy Malibu

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

If you’re happy, nothing else should matter.

How would you spend 1 million dollars?

Kids’ college tuition, and then spoil myself and my soon-to-be hubby.

The ‘Meet TableCraft’ series is an employee spotlight that aims to introduce you to our TableCraft family. We’re fortunate to have so many fun and interesting people who bring their considerable talents and expertise to the office each morning. And they each contribute to make our company a great place to work.

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