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Buttermilk Panna Cotta Recipe

Panna cotta, which translates to "cooked cream," is a delicious Italian dessert made with thickened milk and gelatin. It's a silky treat that can be quickly and easily thrown together, just as easy as baking cookies or cake for guests. In this version, we use buttermilk to add a bit…
Jessica Freundel
December 20, 2022
Movie-Nite In

Movie-Nite In with Bec – TableCraft @ Home

Name: Bec Title: Marketing Content Developer Movie: Rosemary's Baby (1968) Snack of choice: Trick or Treat Board  For me, the snack is as important as the movie (especially as the nights are drawing in). Spooky season brings more opportunities for specialty candy and fall treats, so I like to set up…
Rebecca Redden
October 26, 2020
Movie-Nite In

Movie-Nite In with Terry – TableCraft @ Home

Name: Terry Title: Marketing Director Movie: Matilda (1996) Directed by Danny DeVito Snack of choice: Petits Fours Galore  With twin 12-year old daughters, we often get over-ruled when it comes to movie night choices. Luckily, there are plenty of "kid" movies that can be fun for the entire family... including…
Jessica Freundel
May 6, 2020