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Oleo-Saccharum Recipe

Oleo-saccharum is the fancy Latin name given to a syrup made from citrus fruit peels and sugar. It roughly translate as ‘oil-sugar’ and is a quick, easy and delicious recipe to extract the fragrant natural oils from citrus rinds. Oleo has been used in punch-making since 1670! Scroll down for…
Rebecca Redden
September 3, 2020

Skillet Potatoes Recipe

We love our Enamelware Collection for its durability and undeniable traditional style. But we love it even more when we can roast the most tummy-filling baked potato dish we've ever tasted. Red potatoes and onions get all cozy in our large Round Serving Bowl (90017) and cooks all together, then…
Jessica Freundel
August 11, 2020
Care Guide

Complete Enamelware Care Guide

Full of vintage charm and rustic appeal, thanks to its association with camping and outdoor adventure, enamelware is a time-honored traditional serving vessel. Enamelware is made from Vitreous (similar to glass) porcelain enamel-coated steel, making it durable and able to last a lifetime under the right conditions and care. Care…
Jessica Freundel
May 13, 2020
Movie-Nite In

Movie-Nite In with Terry – TableCraft @ Home

Name: Terry Title: Marketing Director Movie: Matilda (1996) Directed by Danny DeVito Snack of choice: Petits Fours Galore  With twin 12-year old daughters, we often get over-ruled when it comes to movie night choices. Luckily, there are plenty of "kid" movies that can be fun for the entire family... including…
Jessica Freundel
May 6, 2020
Look Book

Springtime Table Inspiration

We are always excited to create beautiful tablescapes but springtime themes are especially fun. Easter or Passover, or just observing these warmer months that welcomes baby bunnies, chicks and blossoming buds and bulbs; this season is the perfect time to mix in pastels, delicate new flowers and sweets. The team…
Jessica Freundel
April 6, 2020
Food Service

Introducing New Products for Fall 2019

Colder autumn days mean only one thing around the TableCraft offices… the release of new additions to our tableware collections. And a glimpse into what we're cooking up for the 2020 catalog release in a few short months. ‘Tis the season! This year, we followed the natural, farm-to-table trend with…
Jessica Freundel
November 22, 2019