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Coca-Cola® Mint Cooler Recipe

Ingredients 5 Mint Sprigs, plus extra to decorate 8 oz Diet Coke® 1 Lime Wedge, plus extra to decorate 3-4 Ice Cubes (Serves 1)Tools Bar Board (HBB85) Simply Swell Collection™ Highball Tumblers (320001) Muddler (H4258) Coca-Cola® Paper Straws (10153) Coca-Cola® Bar Mat (CC406) 2-Pc Glass Rimmer (H634T) Directions Muddle the…
Jessica Freundel
March 16, 2023

Herb Drying 101

We're putting our wood and mesh Drying Rack to use this fall by harvesting mint before winter rolls in and buries it under an inch of snow. Most herbs can be dried but mint grows like mad in most gardens and can be used in a variety of cuisines, cocktails…
Jessica Freundel
October 10, 2022