The TableCraft Housewares team wants to make Thanksgiving as easy as possible. And having the right tools is the best way to be prepared. So they’ve put together a list of seven Turkey Day essentials from our product catalog, including servers that go from oven to table, our 4-piece basting kit and pie pans that can double as servingware.

Make Thanksgiving memories without worrying about food prep with these easy essentials.

thanksgiving essentials post 2023
Tri-Ply Cookware Roasting Pan (CW2032)
Aluminum Pie Pan (10545)
Salad Shaker (HDS492)
Turkey Baster Set (11036)
16 oz Round Cocotte with Lid (10748)
PerfectGrip® Y Peeler (10996)
Silicone Brush (11038)
Premium Winged Corkscrew (H1229)
  • Tri-Ply Cookware Rectangular 6 qt Roasting Pan (#CW2032) can hold a 12 – 14 lb turkey for the big day. It’s constructed with three layers to provide even heating and easy cleaning. And features handles for more secure transport from oven to table.
  • 16 oz Round Cast Iron Cocotte (#10748) can’t be beat for keeping sides and dessert warm; from mashed potatoes to a simple apple crumble. Cast iron is a tabletop classic.
  • Winged Corkscrew (#H1229) to open up bottles of white and red to serve at the dinner table is always a good idea. Our premium version features textured grips for comfort and a bottle opener, to boot!
  • Turkey Basting Kit (#11036) is the obvious essential for traditional turkey roasting. Our kit includes a sauce brush and a cleaning wand.
  • Aluminum 9″ Pie Pan Server (#10545) can serve the apple, pumpkin or any pie of your choosing. It can also work as a server for side dishes and bread.
  • PerfectGrip® Y Peeler, Straight Edge (#10996) takes on sweet potatoes to Russets and more, making quick work of the skins to create that signature mashed potato side.
  • Silicone Basting Brush (#11038) features soft and flexible bristles suitable for sauces, butter, oils and more. Silicone construction means bristles never clump or frizz and heat resistant to 500°F.
  • Salad Dressing Shaker (HDS492) makes creating Thanksgiving salads simple and mess-free in one mix-serve-store container. A wide opening accommodates a range of ingredients like freshly-chopped herbs or grainy mustard.
Thanksgiving Table with Roasting Pans and Pumpkins
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