Tis the season for cocktail parties and holiday entertaining. But what’s a cocktail party without a cocktail, or two?

If you’re putting together a bar cart, or just leveling up on what you already have, we’ve got some ideas on what you should be working with. From shakers and jiggers, to strainers and squeezers, TableCraft has all the essentials for stocking your cocktail-building toolbox.

Need some inspiration? We’ve got it.

bar basics from TableCraft
Authentic Collection™ Apothecary Bottle (6630)
Premium Acid-Etch 4-Prong Strainer (10556)
Premium Acid-Etch Julep Strainer (10557)
Mini Spice Jar (H92004)
Glass Citrus Juicer (H223)
Bar Spoon (10558)
Premium Acid-Etch Japanese Jigger (10561)
Premium Acid-Etch Japanese Jigger (10562)
Premium Acid-Etch 3-Piece Cocktail Shaker, 18oz (10552)
Premium Acid-Etch 3-Piece Cocktail Shaker, 24oz (10553)
Clear Glass Bottle with Cork (H92003)

Ok, class … let’s learn more about what’s in the picture. Pencils up. There will be a test.

Cocktail Shaker (10552, 10553): The 3-Piece Shakers (known as the cobbler shaker) are a solid choice for shaken cocktails.

4-Prong Strainer (10556): Also known as a Hawthorn Strainer, the tight spring filters ice chips, fits most vessels and creates two different pour speeds (open and closed gate).

Bar Spoon (10558): Bartenders use their spoons to measure out small amounts (roughly 1 tsp), float liquor using the back of the spoon, as well as stirring drinks utilizing the spiral handle.

Jiggers (10560): These act as your measuring cups behind the bar. The taller jigger, aka “double jiggers” feature a deep cup that’s more stable and less likely to spill. Our jiggers always include an etched measurements inside the vessel in both mls and oz.

Julep Strainer (10557): Traditionally used to strain ice out of drink made in the mixing glass (not shakers), but can be used both. Can also act as a scoop for ice.

Citrus Juicer (H223): We stock hand-held juicers and this classic-looking glass juicer with handle, which will look good on any bar cart. Indispensible for spiking cocktails with delicious citrus flavors.

Muddler (10559): Used to crush juices, herbs or sugar at the bottom of a glass. The rubber end will keep it from cracking the glass.

Premium Shakers and Jigger set from TableCraft
glass bottle for simple syrup tablecraft
strainer in the shaker of our premium collection tablecraft
4-prong strainer premium collection tablecraft 10566
Julip Strainer Premium Collection TableCraft

What’s the Deal with the Strainers?

A+! Good question! First, our 3-pieace shakers include a strainer in the top. This is a quick and easy way to strain large bits of ice from getting into your final cocktail glass, but might miss the smaller chips. Note: Ice in some cocktails is less then desirable.

Then there’s the 4-Prong Strainer (looks like a face in distress with curly hair). The spring ensures a tight fit to your mixing glass or shaker, and it’s easy to hold with just one hand. And the “gates” give you two options to pour through.

Last, there’s the Julep Strainer. It can fit across the top of the mixing glass or dip inside, but both will keep ice from getting into your cocktail. There’s also no correct way to hold the round strainer over your glass; upside-down or right-side up.

Some cocktails will call for a specific strainer to be used, but much of it depends on your preference and what looks good on your cart. In short, there are no wrong answers.

In this class (ahem, post), we’re featuring our ultra-cool Premium Acid-Etch Bar Tools (see the collection here). We also offer the collection in shiny Stainless Steel, if that better suits your bar cart look. Learn more here (PDF).

As always, contact your TableCraft Sales Rep for samples or to order.

Class dismissed!

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