Lobster Bake with TableCraft
1 1/2 Gal Stackable Beverage Dispenser (BAD)
Acacia Beverage Dispenser Stand (10757)
Sierra Collection Large Angled Oval Bowl (CW4086W)
V-Hinge Black Tongs (3712BKEU)
Sierra Grande Collection (10187W)
Galvanized Collection Pail (GT44)
Sierra Grande Collection Bowl (10184W)
Sierra Grande Collection Round Display Bowl (10186W)
Sierra Collection Salt & Pepper Shakers (10418)
Galvanized Collection Pail (GT44)
Red Lobster Cracker (515)
Enamelware Dinner Plate (80019)
Mini Serving Bowl Stacking Dish (10312W)

We love a proper East Coast lobster (“lobsta”) bake; the salty, smoky, briny taste transports us to the Maine seaside at sunset.

A traditional Maine lobster bake isn’t complete without boiled potatoes, corn on the cob, and all the butter. Of course, it’s served over a classic newsprint tablecloth with limited utensils, just a lobster cracker! But a few linen napkins for fingers would certainly be appreciated.

Our large-capacity Grande Sierra Bowls, classic Enamelware plates and Galvanized accents plays perfectly on our table; which could have easily been on the beach, under a tent, or in a reception hall.

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Lobster Bake on TableCraft's Enamelware Plate
Lobster Cracker (515)
Enamelware Dinner Plate (80019)
Mini Serving Dish (10312W)
Bowl of Lobster with TableCraft Grande Bowls
Sierra Grande Collection Bowl (10186W)
Sierra Collection Creamer (10419)
Resealable Bottle 33 oz (6621)
Galvanized Collection Pail (GT33)

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