One of the perks of working at TableCraft, other than our fun-loving coworkers and supporting our awesome customers, is getting to use what we sell at home. Who doesn’t love a new kitchen gadget?! And we all have our favorite products from our various collections and toolsets that we talk about in the office. So, in this new series, we’re passing the mic around to hear about five TableCraft products that we use on repeat in our own kitchens. Today, we’re hearing from digital maven Jessica and her MVP picks.

cast iron wok from tablecraft a total favorite

1. Cast Iron Wok

We’ve gotten into stir-fries lately in our house, especially on nights my 14-year-old cooks dinner. And TableCraft’s large Cast Iron Wok (CW30116) is the MVP of the evening. It’s 6 QT capacity holds all the veggies, tofu and sauce — and cooks it all so fast and evenly for a quick and easy family meal.

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2. Flexible Cutting Boards

And speaking of stir-fry night, TableCraft’s Flexible Cutting Boards (FCB1520A) come in handy to chop up all those veggies. They’re lightweight, so easy to rinse in the sink, but will also go in the dishwasher (they fit!). And take up little space in the cabinets. With so many color options, my kids can customize their own work stations when helping out.

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flexible cutting board from TableCraft
probake baking pan from Tablecraft

3. Tri-Ply Roasting Pans

I brought both sizes of TableCraft Tri-ply Roasting Pans (CW2030, CW2032) home from the office just before the holidays and it saved us on all the large family meals we cooked up; including baked mac & cheese, lasagna, roast chicken and potatoes. I can confirm the pans clean up super-quick and easy (no scrubbing, even baked cheese) and the even heat distribution was noticeable — especially in the lasagna where there’s usually hot/cold spots.

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4. Enamelware Serving Pan

I’m so lucky to have TableCraft Enamelware Collection serving pans in all three sizes, because they are in constant use in my kitchen. The 18 oz (80013) holds guacamole on Taco Tuesdays, the 30 oz (80014) is good for a personal-size popcorn or for sides of bread at the dinner table. Our new favorite veggie enchiladas recipe fits perfectly in the 48 oz serving pan (80015) and the porcelain enamel coating makes it easy to clean up afterwards.

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Enamelware Server with Enchilades from TableCraft
sheet pan server from tablecraft

5. Sheet Pan Server

And finally, my 5th go-to product at home: the Sheet Pan Server in fourth (913A) and eighth (1006AS) sizes. Any time I want to bake something but doesn’t need all the space of a traditional sheet pan, these are my heroes. They hold a serving of chicken nuggets for a quick lunch. Single serve nachos. Roasted veggies for a side or customized for one. Two baked potatoes. The list is endless. They can even be used as casual dinnerware! The three we own are on constant rotation.

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My TableCraft Top 5 is a series written by the TableCraft staff about products we (and love) use in our own kitchens. Because we all have our favorites! What are yours? We’d love to hear which products are your kitchen’s MVPs below in the comment section.

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