TableCraft have been serving customers since 1946 and our products are built to last, so it’s not surprising when the odd vintage products shows up at an antique store or flea market.

Just last week a customer thrifted our Tooth Pick Dispenser (#H236) and wanted to find out more information.

This item was originally brought into TableCraft in 2001. When TRL had Carson Daly, everyone had platform shoes and track suits, and the Nokia was really your only suitable cellular phone choice…

Amanda, from our hard working Product Team, advised, “we started selling this product in 2001 and it is still in our catalog and available for sale today.”

Amy, from our marketing team, shared, “my sister recently sent me a pic of the same dispenser – her friend had it sitting on her counter and said it was her grandma’s for many years before that. She kept it because she remembered it from when she was little.”

The timeline below shows that even though the packaging has changed a little, the product remains a well-loved favorite by staff and customers alike.




Do you have a favorite TableCraft product? Maybe it has been on your Grandma’s kitchen counter for years? Or you found it at a vintage store? Let us know in the comments and we could feature in our next Throwback Thursday post.

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