Launched in 2018, the Better Burger Collection has grown to become one of our biggest and best-loved serving lines. Playing on traditional “fast food” serving pieces, including burger boxes and fry cups, we offer them in reusable stainless steel and white melamine for a fun and familiar presentation.

Turns out, the Better Burger Collection is for more than just burgers. Check out more ways to use below!

Better… Desserts!

Make your afternoon tea, dessert and patisserie service stand out by mixing in some Better Burger serving pieces. We love to see our Serving Spatulas stacked with delicate cakes and eclairs. And our Fry Baskets are ideal to gather up sweets and chocolate. Our Better Burger serving trays are used by customers in Paris, France for café gourmand; a light dessert comprised of an espresso and a selection of mignardises (also known as petits fours). Tres bien!

Better Burger Dessert Trays from TableCraft
Weave Pattern Serving Tray (20004)
Serving Spatula from the Better Burger Collection TableCraft
Spatula Server with Faux Wood Handle (20001)
Better Burger Tray with Buckeyes Dessert from TableCraft
Large Fry Basket (12350002)

Better … Veggies!

Dress up your veggies and salads by presenting them in a fun and appealing way. Brussels sprouts, asparagus and taco toppings all seem more appetizing when presented on a Better Burger serving or fry tray. Use as-is or with a liner for easy clean-up of roasted veggies or French fries. Too good to pass.

Better Burger Collection baskets with Side Dishes
Burger Box (20025W)
Medium Fry Basket (20029W)
Medium Fry Basket (20029W)
8 oz Tumbler (123464)
Better Burger Taco Bar
Fry Baskets (12350002)
Fry Baskets (20029W)
Fry Baskets (20028W)
Better Burger Small Tray with asparagus
Small Brushed, Weave Pattern, Serving Tray (20005)
Small Better Burger Basket TableCraft

Better … Sides!

From single-serve popcorn cups to chicken wings, croissants to coleslaw, the wide-array of Better Burger side servers are for more than just fries! Even off the dinner table … the fry baskets are excellent for serving creamers or sugar packets for your hot beverage service and wrangling sauce/ketchup packets. Think outside the (fry) box.

Better Burger Snack Cup
10 oz Ramekin (240006)
Better Burger Side Dish from TableCraft
Medium Brushed S/S Fry Basket (20009)
shrimp boat side with Better Burger side server
Medium Fry Basket (20009)

Better … Burgers! (of course)

We couldn’t get through this post without showing you the Better Burger collection with burgers. Serve up traditional beef burgers, fish patties or vegan offerings on gluten-free, paleo or brioche buns: this collection allows you to easily cater for all tastes and dietary requirements — and look good doing it.

Better Burger Triple Sliders
How do you use the Better Burger Collection? Let us know in the comments below.
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