Dear Danish Whisk (11072),

Since arriving in our 2022 catalog, you’ve quickly become our favorite kitchen tool. Thanks to your rounded shape, you are great at getting around the bottom edges of our bowls to incorporate all the dry and wet ingredients (our pancakes thank you). You’re extremely adept at getting clumpy, sticky bread dough to come together — passing through the firm curls — before it’s time to knead. And did we mention this tool whisks like a champ, too? Because it surely does. And let’s not forget photogenic; it looks cool sticking up out of our utility crock, too.

To review:

  • Ideal for mixing dry and wet dough together, such as pancakes and scones
  • Folding sticky dough, such as bread and pizza dough
  • Firm curls cut through clumpy batters to whipping up eggs and frosting
  • Looks like art!

Your forever fans,

The TableCraft Housewares Team

Danish Whisk in pancake batter
danish whisk in the dough
whisking eggs with our Danish Whisk
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