Getting a household ready for back to school, whether it’s full of elementary students or high school teens, is a big job. Our fantastic Housewares group has ideas and products to make the transition from summer to school a bit easier. We’ve got products for school lunches, homework/snack time and an attractive way to organize art supplies. Check out our Back to School 7!

1. Sauce Cups and Lids, Pack of 6

Instead of plastic or single-use options, try these lightweight, Stainless-Steel Sauce Cups that feature colorful lids — though clear lids option is available. They’re small, stackable, durable and hold a single portion of chips, fruit, veggies or yogurt. And they’re dishwasher safe to make clean-up easy at the end of the day. The pack of 6 helps you get ahead of the week, too.

Sauce Cups are available in 5 oz packs, 3 oz packs or the option for a 2.5 oz with clear lids.

sauce cups for back to school
glass container with salsa

2. Glass Resealable Jars

Batch cooking is just the thing to create healthy meals during a busy week. Make a large batch of cold pasta salad and store them in a variety of easy-to-pack jars to take each day of the week. These glass jars are lightweight and durable, and have a resealable lid for easy use.

Available in set of four: 12 oz Round Jar

3. Pine Flatware

Disposable and plastic-free, our flatware is made from natural pine making it a better choice for the landfill. Send forks, spoons or knives along to school for eating yogurts, soaps, leftover pasta lunches and more. Plus, they light and easy to slip into any lunchbox.

Sold in a set, in a packs of 50.

pine flatware from the beach
mini fruit tool set

4. Mini Fruit Tool Set

Get lunches and snacks prepped with ease using our Fruit Tool Set. Core strawberries, spoon grapefruit and skin avocados/kiwis with these specialized tools in bright primary colors. The color-coded tools are also safe to send along to school to help students peel their own oranges.

This 4-Piece set includes: 5″ Strawberry Corer, 6¼” Citrus Peeler, 6″ Grapefruit Spoon & 4¼” Kiwi/Avocado Peeler

5. Chiller Collection™ Appetizer Tray

Organize tempting after-school snacks in our clear-plastic Chiller Collection™ Appetizer Tray. The lid can be tipped below to hold several cups of ice cubes to keep fruit and veggies cool all through homework time — even calculus! Use the lid to store the snacks in the fridge for the next day. Thanks to its plastic construction, it can go outside during playtime, too!

This Appetizer Tray is part of the Chiller Collection™.

chiller collection appetizer tray
snack bucket four choices

6. Snack Buckets

Ideal for after-school snacks, sleep-over parties, movie nights and outdoor campfires, our collection of 3 qt Snack Buckets come in a bunch of styles to suit any picky snacker. Each is made of sturdy plastic and is dishwasher safe.

From top left: Coca-Cola Unity Collection™ Bucket, Polka Dot Graphic Bucket, Coca-Cola “Pause and Refresh” Bucket, Popcorn Graphic Bucket

7. Enamelware Collection™ Tumbler

Sure, we love this creamy Enamelware Collection Tumbler for serving cold beverages at parties, but it’s the perfect height for storing homework pencils, pens and markers. And looks charming in the middle of a desk or kitchen table laid out with assignments. Dishwasher safe, so it can go back to beverage server in a pinch.

This 16 oz Tumbler is part of our Enamelware Collection.

tumblers as pencil holders

How are you getting ready for back to school? What are your customers asking for? Share below in the comments.

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