Calling all backyard chefs, grill masters, BBQ experts and novices! Get all the tools you need to make epic grilled meals from TableCraft Home. We’ve have a wide collection of barbecue gadgets and accessories to get whatever your serving this weekend — from burgers to hot dogs, pizza to peaches — perfectly roasted and presented. Impress your family, friends and neighbors with your grilling skills!

See our top 10 favorite grilling tools, and a few honorable mentions, to boot!

1. 16 oz Sauce Pot with Basting Brush (BBQBB16)

You can’t argue with great taste and our basting set is ready to assist! Ideal for marinades or sauces, the silicone brush is just stiff enough to get into all the nooks, while pulling the right amount of sauce for the job. The stainless steel sauce pot has a 16 oz capacity and includes a handle, for convenient use.

BBQ basting brush for the Grill TableCraft Home
BBQ Peel from TableCraft Home BBQ

2. Mini Pizza Peel (123558)

Create unique, single-serve pizzas on your grill and impress your friends! Our small pizza peel is designed to get under the grilled dough, for the perfect, crispy crust. Its long handle keeps your hands away from the flame, plus, it folds up for easy storage. Everyone loves a personal pizza!

3. Heavy Duty Tongs (BBQT)

Heavy-duty tongs is an absolute essential backyard barbecue tool. The long, wooden handles on our favorite set of tongs keep fingers away from flames and the wide pincers (did you see the little teeth on the ends?) are just the right size to securely grab everything, from corn to steaks and burgers.

Heavy Duty Tongs BBQT TableCraft Home Grill
TableCraft Home Grill Basket

4. Square Grilling Basket with Handles (BBQ1412)

Farmer’s market vegetables are the star attraction once they’re grilled up in our Square Grilling Basket. With a large capacity, this baskets keeps your cut-up food from falling through the grates AND heats up quickly to roast up a delicious side dish. Use the handles (caution, they’ll be hot) to shake up the basket while roasting, and transfer to a serving dish.

5. Wooden Picks (H1028)

Serving a crowd with varied meat preferences? Hamburgers, steaks and other meats can be quickly labeled with these wooden picks so each of your carnivores get exactly what they want on their plate. It’s just the right touch to level-up your grilling presentation.

Grilling Picks for TableCraft Home
Dual Surface Grilling Tray with Handles BQQ2013 TableCraft Home

6. Dual Surface Grilling Tray with Handles (BBQ2013)

Grill up kabobs, asparagus, potatoes and more without fear of food falling into the fire with this grilling tray. Two surfaces help you pick the right spot; perforated circles get the food closer to the flame, while the traditional stainless steel grilling surface offers a barrier, for more tender grilling.

7. Flexible Grilling Basket (BBQ2316H)

This BBQ basket flexes to accommodate a variety of meats and veggies, allowing for optimal heat distribution to ensure foods are cooked evenly. The adjustable basket can hold a variety of food thicknesses and long handle keeps hands out of the flames. It’s even dishwasher safe!

Flexible Grilling Tray BBQ2316H TableCraft Home
Dry Rub Shaker Set BBQST75 TableCraft Home

8. Dry Rub Shaker Set (BBQSR75)

Shake on the flavor with our eye-catching Dry Rub Shaker Set. Each of the three shakers includes a rotating top for fine, medium and course seasoning. Decant your favorite store-bought seasoning and claim it as your own (we won’t tell) or create your own spicy mix to set your grilled meals apart. This set is part of our red outdoor servingware collection, that includes a beverage tub, cutlery caddy and more (see them all here).

9. Grill Gloves, Set of 2 (BBQGLOVE)

Made of silicone, polyester and canvas, these red grilling gloves are a real hand-saver! Ideal when working with grill pans and other handle-less items, these mitts keep your paws safe. Not just for the grill, these gloves can also be used in the kitchen or at the fire pit, for safely roasting marshmallows and hot dogs.

BBQ Gloves from TableCraft Home
Grill Brush BBQHBR TableCraft Home

10. Handheld Grill Brush (BBQHRB)

Compact and hand held, this small yet mighty grill brush is an important addition to your grilling tool box. A clean grill is very important for safety and taste. Featuring a metal scouring pad, stainless steel blade and metal wire brush, this 6″ brush can scrub your grill clean.

Honorable Mentions

TableCraft Home has so many grill essentials, it was hard to narrow down to just 10. Here are four more items, two that go BEYOND the grill.

Pepper Grill
Chili Pepper Roaster (BBQ3500)
Steak Weight BBQ3015
Round Steak Weight (BBQ3015)
Plastic Baskets BBQ1074RWB
6-Pc Oval Plastic Basket Set (BBQ1074RWB)
Pitcher and Glass Collection GS086
Outdoor Pitcher and Glass Set (GS086)
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