When we think of ‘setting the table’, we typically think of where to put the salad fork or which side of the plate the napkin goes on. However, the place setting isn’t the complete story. There is much more that goes into ‘setting the table’ for a restaurant. From the condiment racks and napkin dispensers to serving pieces and decor. Here at TableCraft we have everything you need to ‘set the table’ no matter what type of restaurant you run.


The All-American Diner helped build the restaurant industry in the United States and also TableCraft. From the classic red baskets to the ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles, diners and TableCraft go hand and hand. Whether its for the counter or a booth, we can provide the essentials you need to complete your table.

TableCraft offers a variety of diner tabletop items including plastic baskets, squeeze bottles, condiment racks, napkin dispensers and more. Take a look at some examples below:


We can debate New York or Chicago style pizza until the cows come home (the answer is Chicago btw), however they all share the same tabletop essentials. No pizza is complete without sprinkling on parmesan, oregano and red pepper, but need not forget the balsamic and olive oil for the bread. TableCraft can help you with all of it. We offer traditional options like color coded glass and plastic shakers for the table along with items that would give your pizzeria a more modern look like ash serving boards and recycled glass bottles.

TableCraft shares the same love for pizza as the rest of us. That’s why they offer products like shakers and pourers, risers and servers for any type of pizzeria. Check out more tabletop examples for pizzerias below:


Whether you have a traditional gastropub or you are just looking for a new/updated look for your fast casual dining restaurant, TableCraft’s newest grouping of products, the Better Burger Collection™, could be the perfect fit. It has all the serving pieces you need and it pairs nicely with all of our white or stainless steel tabletop pieces.

Better Burger Collection top down shot

TableCraft offers a variety of gastropub/fast casual dining tabletop and serving items including the following:


A tapas restaurant is all about the environment. From the company your share your food with to the decor on the walls and table. It should create a comfortable feeling for customers to spend time in, eat, and socialize. Tablecraft’s Valencia Collection offers traditional inspired serving bowls and stands that perfectly accompany small plate dining. These serving pieces are ultra durable and include a thermoset resin that provides flame and stain resistance up to 400 degrees.

Tapas tabletop by TableCraft

Complete your tapas restaurant tabletop with any of Tablecraft’s water carafes, condiment racks, shakers and pourers. Check out our examples below:

Breakfast Cafe

Is there anything better than going out to Sunday brunch? Debatable. It doesn’t take much to please with all the comfort foods that will be on the table. Yet if you can improve on the already great experience from a breakfast cafe, its icing on the cake (or cinnamon roll may be more appropriate). TableCraft’s melamine skillets and Beehive Collection pair very well together and give that old fashioned experience that assures you are in the right place.

breakfast cafe tabletop by TableCraft

Complete your breakfast cafe tabletop with a traditional black coffee carafe and stainless steel accessories. See below for our vision:

How would you set the table with TableCraft’s products? Let us know in the comments

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