Campsites and cast iron go hand in hand, as our staffer Bonnie and her family recently discovered on a summer camping trip near Lake Michigan. She brought along some outdoor-friendly TableCraft products and her camera to capture not just the cast iron skillet, but our enamel serving ware and Acacia board out in the wild. Gather some ideas for your next outdoor adventure below.

Fish Dinner with TableCraft Camping
Enamelware Collection 16 oz Side Cup (80011)
Enamelware Collection Round Plate (80019)
Acacia Collection Display Paddle Board (ACAPB2006)
3 1/4 qt Round Cast Iron Skillet (CW30134)

Winner winner fried fish dinner! Our cast iron skilletĀ (CW30134) is the classic choice for frying up the day’s catch for a family dinner, just don’t forget the lemons. Using our creamy white Enamelware Collection plates scream “classic camp vibe,” and are ideal for outdoor use because they’re super durable.

Smores by the campfire with TableCraft
Acacia Collection Display Paddle Board (ACAPB2006)

S’more Glow Up. Sure you can roast marshmallows with plain chocolate, but Bonnie was thinking outside the box when she packed Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for the chocolately center to her family campfire s’mores. It’s all laid out on our Acacia Collection Paddle (ACAPB2006) for quick building.

Bagel by the campfire
Enamelware Collection 12 oz Mug (H80001)
Acacia Collection Display Paddle Board (ACAPB2006)

Breakfast Is Served. Bagels are a satisfying beginning to the day, especially outdoors. Add sunny-side-up eggs frying up in a Cast Iron Skillet (CW30134) and a cup of hot coffee in our Enamelware Collection mug, and you’ve got a recipe for a campsite breakfast that is sure to wake up anyone left in sleeping bags.

chili mugs after a hike camping TableCraft
Acacia Collection Display Paddle Board (ACAPB2006)
Enamel Collection 12 oz Mug (H80001)

Mug Shots. Bonnie packed her homemade chili warm in a large vacuum-seal container and dished out serving in our enamelware mugs (80009) for emergency snack breaks or to warm up damp kids post hike and swim. Placing the mugs near to the fire kept contents warm, but watch out for HOT handles.

Heading out on your own camping adventure? Share your favorite tips and tricks in our comments.

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