Eager football fans (soccer to our American colleagues) have waited three long years for Europe’s biggest sporting event to come around once more, and now it is back in full swing! Although this year’s Euros is a little different, the excitement is still set to bring in big, hungry and socially distanced crowds to establishments all over Europe as fans flock to watch their favourite team compete to lift the Cup.

So whether you’re a sports bar, pub or restaurant our at TableCraft we have everything you need in anticipation of the big event.

Feed the Hungry Fans

The Euros are a month-long event with the games coming thick and fast, at least for the first week or so. It will be important that you have enough serving pieces to go around.

The stainless steel version of our classic baskets (123471) are a sturdy alternative to plastic and are ideal for serving up burgers and fries during a busy half time service. They are also great for appetizers and bar snacks like popcorn, peanuts or crisps. These types of snacks will keep fans happy and better yet, thirsty!

The Better Burger Collection

With restrictions lifting at varying rates, you may begin to see some new faces. Make a great first impression with our Better Burger Collection.

The Better Burger Collection is an upscale look to the classic fast food serving pieces. Made from melamine or stainless steel, TableCraft offers a variety of different pieces and sizes from burger and fry boxes to shake/malt cups and serving trays.

Half Time Beers

We say half time beers, but let’s be honest, the beer will be flowing no matter how much time is left on the clock. With a bar full of different types of beers how about making your guests’ choice a little easier by offering tasting flights.  You could even offering different ‘groupings’ from beers around the country. TableCraft offers tasting flights in our Better Burger Collection or in a traditional wood.

Busy Bar Essentials

Don’t forget about your busy bartenders when prepping for the half time rush. Ensure that they have the tools they need to get through each match with things like ice scoops, bar mats and bottle openers. You also want to think about beverage tubs you can fill with drinks for tables, or to use as a portable bar on the patio.

World Cupcakes

Make sure your guests stay through extra time by offering something sweet to keep them around. Our Malteaser World Cup Cakes are a tasty treat that could be used with TableCraft’s Disposable Serving Cones and placed out of the way in one of our Cone Holders.

With customers all over the world it would be wrong of us to back a specific team to win.

So we are wishing all our European friends a happy, healthy and fun Euro 2021!

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