Lunch is served! We pulled together six options for serving a baguette sandwich with a salad and a side of chips using our wide-array of servingware collections — from melamine to Acacia Collection.

Mix and match for more options and layers to create a pleasing presentation to the hungry lunch-crowd diner.

Which is your favorite?

1 frostone slate collection paddle
3 faux cast iron serving skillet with sandwich
5 europa collection platter with sandwich
2 acacia collection snack board with sandwich
4 pulito collection round plate
6 faux cast iron serving tray with sandwich

Click on your choice to explore each product on our website. Most are part of a larger collections that features alternate sizes, shapes and color options.

  1. Frostone Slate Collection Paddle (11490)
  2. Acacia Collection Snack Board (11525)
  3. Faux Cast Iron Serving Skillet (MSKLT85)
  4. Pulito Collection Round Plate (11148)
  5. Europa Collection Platter (123515W)
  6. Faux Cast Iron Serving Tray (11494)

Or visit all our Serving Collection on our website to see baskets, ramekins, serving towers and so much more.

Contact our Sales team to learn more, gather samples or talk through your custom needs. They’re here to help.

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