As the holidays are fast approaching, TableCraft staffers are getting into the spirit by giving some thought to our big family meals. In most cases, our plans are far less grand than last year’s but that doesn’t mean we have to skimp on festive fun when our families gather around the table. And TableCraft has a lot of variety when it comes to setting a fine spread. Here are a few table setting ideas to inspire your own presentations.

Minimal Rustic Farmhouse

Holiday Setting rustic
Enamelware Collection Serving Pan 80015
Enamelware Collection Round Plate 80019
Enamelware Collection Round Plate 80018
Glass Milk Jar with Cork H92005
Enamelware Collection Serving Pan 80013

Starting with a rustic, white-washed farmhouse style and layering on classic pieces from our Enamelware Collection, this tabletop is minimal and all country. We chose green and red linens, tied with simple twine, to set a classic Christmas color story. A simple pine runner with red hollies completed the theme.

See the entire Enamelware Collection here.

Modern Farmhouse

modern farmhouse table top
Enamelware Collection Pan NEW
Cast Iron Mini Skillet CW30122
Enamelware Collection Round Plate 80019
Enamelware Collection Round Plate 80018
Enamelware Collection Salt & Pepper H8007
Cast Iron Round Casserole CW30148
Cast Iron Oval Casserole CW30112
Acacia Collection Display Board ACAR1409
Chalkboard Vase CBV2552 CBV6218
Enamelware Collection Butter Dish H80005
Disposable Square Plate BAMDSP7

Matte black is on trend, so we started with that for this modern yuletide take. Our creamy Enamelware Collection plates just pop off the black background, and coordinates so well thanks to their black outline detail. From there, we pulled in a few of our favorite cast iron casseroles and warm wood accents, with our bamboo square plates and acacia serving board. Our chalkboard vases add just a bit more matte black, and a bushel of little red apples for color.

See more of our Cast Iron Collection here.

Blue Modern Farmhouse

modern farmhouse blue table setting from TableCraft
Cast Iron Round Casserole CW30148
Enamelware Collection Salt & Pepper H8007
Enamelware Collection Round Plate 80019
Wanderlust Collection Round Plate 900016
Disposable Square Plate BAMDSP7
Cast Iron Mini Skillet CW30122
Chalkboard Vase CBV2552
Enamelware Collection Mug H80001

We cribbed off our modern farmhouse for this blue option, perfect for Hanukkah and New Year’s gatherings. Our blue speckle Wanderlust Collection plate makes an appearance in our serving stack. As does a smaller version of our cast iron casserole with lid.

See our Wanderlust Collection here.

Transitional Modern

pulito place settings for christmas top down from TableCraft
Chalkboard With Clothespin Clip BAMCBCP
Cast Iron Mini Round Server CW30104
Pulito Pasta Bowl – Available in US 2021
Pulito Dinner Plate – Available in US 2021
Evergreen Die Cast Cocotte CWDCC542EG
Coming in 2021
Black Ridal Collection Basket M2474
Pulito Collection Salt & Pepper Set Coming 2021
Chalkboard Vase CBV2552
Evergreen Die Cast Cocotte CWDCC542EG

Traditional gets some modern accents in this warm and festive table presentation. We used our all-white Pulito Collection, featuring white melamine with accent ribbing, for the plate stack and mixed in plenty of our black cast iron casseroles and small cocottes. And check out our charming chalkboard clothespins attached to each plate so seating assignments are clear and cute.

See more about our Pulito Collection here.

What are your favorite collections for creating memorable table displays? Share with us in the comments section.

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