For this year’s 2021 Home Catalog, the editors wanted to recreate the tabletop of a busy home kitchen. Someone who was busy baking and cooking for their family, since we’re all eating a lot more home cooking these days. The image would represent what their rustic table would look like mid-day, with light filtering in, with much of their supplies scattered and in various states of use.

This image evolved a bit, starting with a flurry of products scattered across the table. Then, we edited it down to the few you see in the final photograph. It was a fun day of adding, subtracting, styling and polishing to get just the right look.

The final image is filled with products from some of our favorite collections; Enamelware, Jadeite and Cast Iron. As well as a few of our most basic kitchen tools. And it’s one of our best covers in recent memory. We hope you love it, too!

Click on the (+) to learn about the item and see each item represented in an image below.

TableCraft Retail 2021 Catalog COVER has wonderful items
Enamelware Measuring Cup #H80006
Jadeite Sauce Cup #HJB3
Grater/Zester #E5632
Measuring Cup Set #H725
Mini Spice Jar #H92004
Embossed Butter Dish #10394
Cast Iron Sectional Pan #10750
Jadeite Salt Cellar #HJSC10
Resealable Carafe with Handle #10726
Enamelware Collection Colander #H80000
Enamelware Collection Measure Cup enamel

Enamelware Measuring Cup
Item #H80006

Sauce Cup Jadeite from our Jadeite Collection

Jadeite Sauce Cup
Item #HJB3

Jadeite Salt Cellar
Item #HJSC10

TableCraft Enamelware Colander with handles

Enamelware Colander
Item #H80000

zester tablecraft home kitchen tools

Grater/Zester with 4′ handle
Item #E5632

Embossed Butter Dish
Item #10394

Measuring Cup Set
Item #H725

Mini Spice Jar
Item #H92004

TableCraft resealable carafe

Resealable Carafe
Item #10726

Sectioned Cast Iron Pan
Item #10750

Do you have a favorite TableCraft Home product? One that you use everyday and couldn’t live without? Tell us in the comments below.

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