Are you Valentine’s Day ready? We gathered all our BEST ideas, from sweet table settings to simple love potions to kid-friendly desserts, and pulled them all together in our Valentine’s Day Look Book to give you ideas and inspiration on bringing a hint of this special day into your kitchens, restaurants or foodservice operations.

Open the Valentine’s Day Look Book here.

Made with Love – simple baked goods can add a touch of heart to your Valentine’s Day. We created a simple sugar cookie recipe to create themed treats and used our Enamel Dishes for a simple baked pastry.

Made with love Valentine's Day look book fs

Set the Mood – by getting your table setting just right. We used A LOT of heart-shaped sugar candies to create a sweet and fun atmosphere for diners — because there’s nothing more classic that conversational hearts on Valentine’s Day … Be Mine!

Set the mood table setting for valentines day fs

Love Potions – our To-Go Pouches (10683) are the perfect vehicle to serve love-themed drinks for Valentine’s Day couples. Add a red-striped straw or sweet ribbon for an extra touch.

Love potions in our to go pouches from tablecraft fs

It’s Going to be a LOVELY Day – flip through our complete Valentine’s Day Look Book, featuring our favorite TableCraft products, for some SWEET inspiration. (Or open the flipbook in a new window here.)

Did we miss anything out? How are you getting your foodservice operation ready for Valentine’s Day? Share your comments here.

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