Great for sampling, buffet and catering, tastings or desserts, these dishwasher-safe Melamine Mini Servers give almost immediate savings over single-use serving pieces. Plus, they’re a better choice for the environment because, with the correct care, they can be reused for years and years.

With the look of more expensive porcelain pieces, without the breakage, they are sure to be a huge hit with servers and customers alike! Click on the + signs in each image to learn more about each piece.

smoked salmon lox tasters indian pastry
selection of mini buffet dishes for tasting
4oz Glass Serving Jar (SGJ4)
4″ dia Round Plate (10311W)
Pulito Collection 13⅛” dia Round Platter (10496)
3oz Round Stacking Bowl (10312W)
1oz Tasting Spoon (10317W)
2.5oz Square Stacking Bowl (10316W)
Acacia Board (10508)
caprese salad tasting spoons with rosemary
Caprese Salad Bite, served on a Melamine Mini Server 1oz Tasting Spoon (10317W)
mini meatloaf meatball dish with lemon
Mini Meatloaf Bite, served on a Melamine Mini Server 4″ dia Round Plate (10311W)

Do you love these Melamine Mini Servers as much as we do? Read our full guide on how best to care for your melamine pieces here.

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