Melamine is somewhat of a TableCraft specialty. Durable and lightweight, it has the ability to look like many other surfaces or materials, such as porcelain, wood or metal.

It’s break-resistant properties make melamine the ideal choice for poolside snack, outdoor dining, kids meals and cruise liners. All TableCraft melamine undergoes a rigorous testing process and is NSF approved.

Melamine is safe for low temperature display and best for presenting cold dishes. It is a great choice of material for unusual shapes and textures, and is often used for large sized dishes because of its low weight.

However, just because melamine is hard to break doesn’t mean it should not be looked after with care. Following our top tips will help you to get the best results from your melamine product for years to come.

Handling Your Melamine:

  • Always handle with care
  • DO NOT use in an oven, microwave or under heat lamps
  • DO NOT drop, strike or throw
  • Use soft cloth or sponge to remove food

Cleaning Your Melamine:

  • Rinse as soon as possible
  • For best results soak for 10 minutes
  • Scrub your melamine with a soft sponge or brush
  • DO NOT use steel wool or green scrubbies
  • DO NOT use bleach or bleach-based products

Dishwashing Your Melamine:

  • Place in the correct pegged dishwashing rack
  • DO NOT overload your dishwasher
  • Check that all detergents and chemicals being used are bleach free

Examples of the variety of TableCraft’s melamine:

crofthouse bowls
Melamine tray with sushi
Frostone Naturals Melamine Paddles
lunara platter with crepes
faux white cup made of melamine
Better Burger melamine burger box

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