Full of vintage charm and rustic appeal, thanks to its association with camping and outdoor adventure, enamelware is a time-honored traditional serving vessel. Enamelware is made from Vitreous (similar to glass) porcelain enamel-coated steel, making it durable and able to last a lifetime under the right conditions and care.

Care Instructions:

  • Wash with a mild liquid soap before use.
  • Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners or scourers that may scratch or chip the enamel coating.
  • Empty enamelware should not be left on a stove or in an oven.
  • To protect the enamelware piece from staining, lightly coat with cooking oil before use.
  • Remove baked on food and stains by soaking in warm, soapy water.
  • Tough food stains can be treated with lemon and baking soda.

Enamelware Collection Creamy White

Despite its durability and reputation for outdoor use, enamelware is not chip resistant and can become worn over the years. The steel substrate is incredibly strong; however the porcelain coating is susceptible to chipping if handled roughly or repeatedly dropped on a hard surface.

Tips to Make Your Enamelware Last:

  • Using wooden, silicone, or nylon utensils is recommended; metal utensils or knives used directly on the surface may damage the porcelain coating.
  • Never use in a microwave, because of its steel interior.
  • Our enamelware is dishwasher safe, but handwashing is suggested to maintain the shine and protect from chipping.
  • Dry thoroughly, as air drying may result in hard water staining or cause dishes to stick together when stacked.

The TableCraft Enamelware Collection comes in two colors: creamy white with a black ridge and speckled navy blue. And in a variety of plates, trays, tumblers and more. Tablescapes, buffet presentations and indoor/outdoor catering events of all styles can benefit from this heat-proof, oven-to-table servingware.

Other Benefits of Enamelware:

  • The steel core acts as an efficient heat conductor and offers even heat distribution for cooking and baking.
  • Enamelware easily (and stylishly) goes from oven to table.
  • Vessels are heat safe up to 500F/260C. It’s also safe to use near open flame.
  • Because of the organic production, no two pieces are completely identical – adding to its unique charm.
  • Enamelware is a neutral surface; it doesn’t react with acids in food.

With a little care this strong, durable servingware can last a long time  – no campfire required.

Enamelware Care Guide
blue enamelware from top
rustic table with blue enamelware
desserts for the 4th of july enamelware collection from tablecraft
Silicone tong in enamel dish with sausages
Veggie tray
enamelware collection trays and bowls
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