Professional Bakeware by TableCraft has a deep-seated history of bringing high-quality products to market that are dependable and promote food-safe practices. Our Cast Aluminum items offer virtually-unbreakable designs that conduct and maintain temperatures for an extended period of time; better than most other serving options on the market.

When ordering TableCraft Professional Bakeware, the amount of finishing options can be overwhelming. We recommend that for all hot food applications, the ‘Natural’ finish is selected. This allows for high-heat use of up to 450°F, making it safe for use on hot well counters or in the oven.

For cold food serving, we offer 23 colorful DuraCoat™ Cast Coating. Mix and match serving pieces to create an eye-catching presentation to enhance your brand image. Our DuraCoat™ finishes are NSF® listed, dishwasher safe, safe for cold food temperatures as low as -20°F and safe to use with foods containing less than 8% alcohol.

With the right care and use, the range is made to last a lifetime (we even provide a convenient and unique recoating program to extend the use of the product). Here’s how to get the best out of your Professional Bakeware products.

Cast Aluminum – Natural

The “naturals” are made of a food-safe cast aluminum without coating and are NSF® approved. These items can endure temperatures from -20°F up to 450°F. For best results:

  • Hand wash with a soft cloth
  • Towel dry immediately to maximize their beauty
  • Staining will occur if acidic foods are put into the natural products.

Cold Serving Cast Aluminum – Coated

All Coated Cast Aluminum products are NSF® approved and will endure temperatures from -20°F up to 195°F. The intended purpose of the color-coated products is for cold serving and display only (they are not to be used in the preparation of food). For best results:

  • Washing by hand is recommended (although the coating is dishwasher safe at a low temp when using a non-caustic detergent)
  • Do not clean with scouring pads (only use nylon or sponge pads)
  • Towel dry immediately
  • Do not put any of the products in an oven, on a stove top, under a heat lamp or in any other condition where the temperature exceeds 195°F
  • Do not cut directly on the products, this will cause the coating to scratch
  • Do not use metal utensils on color-coated products
  • If a defect in the coating appears, such as peeling or chipping, the product must be taken out of service immediately and repaired or replaced
  • Staining of all color-coated products will occur especially if used with acidic foods. The lighter (white, sky blue, and gray) colors are more likely to show stains than darker colors
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For more information, please contact our customer service or your local TableCraft sales representative. Most of our Professional Bakeware (ProBake) products ship directly from our Willis, Texas location. Select items are also stocked in Gurnee, IL.

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