There’s no denying, the shine and luster of a great Stainless Steel piece is a real crowd-pleaser. Plus, they’re durable, easy to clean and can be easily embossed with patterns and texture, to give them a really unique look.  At TableCraft, we offer an assortment of Stainless Steel serving pieces, from our Better Burger and Brickhouse collection, to our variety of sheet pan servers and baskets. They’re a popular choice.

Everyday Care Instructions

Care instructions for our Stainless Steel is simple. They are all dishwasher safe. Though, for best results, we recommend to hand wash with a soft cloth and mild detergent, then towel dry immediately to maximize their beauty. Do not wash with harsh or abrasive cleaners. And no not allow product to soak in water for extended periods of time (will prevent rust). Also note, Stainless Steel servers are not microwave safe.

Not ‘Stain-Impossible’!

Although Stainless Steel is much more resistant to corrosion than other materials, in some circumstances it can corrode. It is ‘stain-less’ but not ‘stain-impossible’!

There are many different grades of Stainless Steel, and the higher the grade, the better the anti-corrosion properties it will have. At TableCraft we prefer to use 18-8 Stainless Steel (the gold standard) for the best possible quality. However, in the food service industry there may be times where Stainless Steel serving pieces experience prolonged exposure to moisture, which can lead to oxidation of the material. In coastal areas, Stainless Steel is even more susceptible to rusting due to salt and humidity in the air. This combination accelerates rusting.

stainless steel cups and ramekins

The good news is, if your Stainless Steel products ever rust, they are not forever ruined. Rust only affects the surface layer, which makes it rather easy to remove when restoring a piece. Even on food contact items, once rust is removed, the pieces are safe for food contact once again. A grease-proof liner can also be used to prolong the life of the product you place it in.

Additional Cleaning Tips

If a small amount of rust does appear, it should come off quite easily and the piece can be restored to its original shine in only a couple minutes. Removal of oxidized stains and even ‘surface rust’ can be done by using:

  • A paste made from baking soda and water
  • A cleaner that contains oxalic acid, such as Bar Keeper’s Friend Soft Cleanser

If using baking soda and water, use a cloth or soft bristle brush to rub the baking soda in the direction of the grain. And drying your Stainless Steel servingware immediately after cleaning will eliminate an opportunity for rust to form again.

With a little care, your classic Stainless Steel kitchenware and tabletop servers can stay bright and shiny for many years to come.

Examples of the variety of TableCraft’s Stainless Steel:

Stainless Steel beverage tub
stainless steel pots and pans
stainless steel buffet bowl
Stainless steel serving basket
stainless steel beverage tub
stainless steel cookware
stainless steel buffet bowl
stainless steel serving platter

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