In this installment of TableCraft Out of the Box, Donna discovers an innovative way to spice up her kitchen by finding an ingenious way to use our new Lattice Collection Snack Set.

Donna: I love having fresh, homegrown herbs at the ready. When the new Lattice Collection™ 4-Piece Snack Set (10486) came into the office, I thought it would be a perfect vessel for my culinary foliage. I pictured it perched on my windowsill, fragrant herbs filling the kitchen ready to be snipped for use in a favorite recipe or refreshing cocktail. This 4-Piece Lattice set is the perfect fit!

herbs in planter

Donna: Now I have these herbs on hand, I have been busy experimenting with different flavor combinations. Not just for seasoning family dinners, I have become somewhat of a home mixologist by experimenting with these TableCraft-approved cocktail recipes. I recommend that anyone give them a try!



At TableCraft, we often think “outside the box” to provide new solutions to our customers’ needs, and sometimes the solutions find us! And that’s what the OUTSIDE THE BOX (OSTB) TableTalk blog series is all about — spotlighting those nontraditional, yet practical, uses for TableCraft products submitted by our staff and friends.

Are you using a TableCraft product to solve a problem in a unique way? Share in the comments.

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