In this week’s TableCraft Outside the Box we hear from Bonnie and how she’s using our Better Burger tray to keep her daughter’s beading craft from dropping all over the floor.

Bonnie: In our house, we find uses for the Better Burger tray all the time. Lately, my girls have been interested in creating jewelry for themselves and to give as gifts (with all their spare time). But, the beads would all too often fly around the room when the girls were threading them onto the wire. Our solution was to employ our tray to corral those teeny, tiny beads. Speaking of beads, we recently started using the mini spice jars to organize the beads by color. We tip out the few beads onto the tray and the girls spend time creating fun patterns. And, the best part is, clean-up is a breeze.

Earring crafts with the better burger tray
Lilly Earrings for OOTB

At TableCraft, we often think “outside the box” to provide new solutions to our customers’ needs, and sometimes the solutions find us! And that’s what the OUTSIDE THE BOX (OSTB) TableTalk blog series is all about — spotlighting those nontraditional, yet practical, uses for TableCraft products submitted by our staff and friends.

Are you using a TableCraft product to solve a problem in a unique way? Share in the comments.

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