In August we are spotlighting some of TableCraft’s hidden gems and how you can make the best of each one of them by creating recipes you can try. We have something for every meal of the day and even a delicious drink when you need to cool down and relax. Enjoy!

Keep the Grill Going this Summer

Follow our 5 top tips using our BBQ range of products to become a grilling pro:

  1. Gear Up – Whether you’re a beginner or an iron chef, you’ll need some tools to help you make the best food for your barbecue. Stock up on the basics, like a pair of tongs, a grill brush, long-handled spatula and a hinged-wire basket
  2. Get a Clean Start – Prior to grilling, scrub the hot grate with a long-handled wire brush. This keeps it clean and ensures neat grill marks
  3. Grease the Grate – Prevent food from sticking by brushing the grill grate with oil. Use some paper towel to rub a thin layer of vegetable oil on the grate before cooking
  4. Gotta Keep it Separated – Use fresh plates, utensils and cutting boards to prevent raw meat, poultry and fish from contaminating cooked food.
  5. Soak the Skewers – To prevent your bamboo or wooden skewers from burning, soak them in warm water for 30 minutes to an hour before you place them on a hot grill

Perfect Pancakes

Start your day off right with a delicious stack of pancakes. This pancakes recipe will make light, fluffy pancakes that will all be the perfect size thanks to our Pankcake Ring (PCR8). TableCraft has all the tools you need for this from mixing bowls and measuring spoons, to the syrup dispenser used to complete the dish!

Southwest Style Cobb Salad with Cilantro-Ranch Dressing

If you are thinking of eating light, try a Southwest Cobb Salad with our Cilantro Ranch Dressing recipe. It’s a quick, easy recipe that will add just enough Southwest flavor to your healthy meal. If your a fan, keep it on hand by using our Salad Dressing Shaker (HDS492) or Invertatop Squeeze Bottles.

Shaken Pina Colada

Utilize some of TableCraft’s bar essentials to cool down during the hot summer months with this satisfying Shaken Pina Colada recipe. Make sure you aren’t over-pouring yourself with our jiggers (1210) and have fun and do your best Tom Cruise Cocktail impression with our Beehive Bar Shaker (BH376).

Dinner Rolls (best served in a woven basket)

Complete your family dinner with bread for the table. This fantastic Dinner Rolls recipe will have everyone full by the time the main course is ready. Choose from one of the many shapes and sizes of our woven baskets to allow the rolls to cool and serve to the table.

Bring a Taste of the Mediterranean Sunshine to the Table

The Mediterranean diet is about much more than food. Taking time for meals remains a priority on the continent and our collection of sharing baskets from the Mediterranean Collection allows you to bring the taste of Italy home.

Push aside your busy schedule and feast on an array of Italian delights such as Focaccia, olives, meats and cheese. Make meals a long, lingering affair for the true European experience.

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