Welcome to summer! We’ve had glimpses here and there, but we can finally say that summer is here. In our July Look Book we are going to be exploring the great outdoors and how TableCraft can help. From your 4th of July celebrations to family barbecues, get some inspiration for the summer.

Born in the USA

Red, White & Blue

Soon everything you see will be patterned in either the American flag, stars and stripes and red, white and blue and TableCraft is no exception. We offer our American-made Classic Oval Baskets packaged nicely in red, white and blue colors. You can also check out our recipe for Red, White and Blue Cheesecake!

Set the Scene

One of the things that TableCraft does best is help you set your table. We have a wide variety of tabletop and serving items that compliment each other to help you ‘set the scene’ for your next outing. Whether it’s for an outdoor event or indoor celebration, our chalkboard vases can be used as table numbers or filled with flowers for a casual look.

Smokin’ Hot

Did you know that TableCraft offers a range of barbecue items? These retail items pair well with our existing food service items to complete that Sunday afternoon barbecue experience.

Grillin’ and Chillin’

Don’t ruin your outdoor experience stressing about that aftermath of the party. TableCraft’s disposable options will make cleanup a breeze. Made of sustainable bamboo, our serving plates, cutlery and skewers are a sturdier, more attractive solution than paper.

Have S’more Fun This Summer

Nothing pairs better with your summer bonfire than s’mores. Our Solar Lanterns can light the way to the campfire and try out our cast iron skillet s’mores recipe for a delicious late night treat.

Ice Ice Baby

When your in need of a cool down on a hot summer day we all tend to gravitate towards ice cream. We can debate all day long about the types of cones we like or our favorite flavors, but when your concerned about portion control turn to our Thumb Press Dishers.

Festival Days, Always

Summer outdoor concerts and festivals have plenty of thirsty patrons. Our First In, First Out Garnish Station has a stackable design to save space when counter space is so crucial. Get creative with our Silicone Shot Glass Trays and of course we have every bartender’s best friend, the bottle opener.

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