Everyone loves an attractive charcuterie board, now meet the fun-for-all CHIPcuterie board! Delight customers, clients and guests with a mouthwatering display of snack chips, arranged in color order — from tortilla chips to purple sweet potato chips. Add dips to level-up the tastiness and you’ve got a party in a tray.

Follow our video for an easy how-to!

List of ingredients:

  • Gastronorm Full Size Crate, Solid Bottom (CRATESB11)
  • 6 oz Round Sauce Cup (5073)
  • All the chips and sharable snacks, in a rainbow of colors. We used flavored tortilla chips, potato chips, cheesy curls and onion snacks. Let the colors be your guide!
  • Dips could include salsa, sour cream & onion dip, guacamole

How to:

  • Our Solid Bottom Crate is ideal for any large-party charcuterie arrangements, thanks to the 2″ lip. So it’s perfect for a chipcuterie.
  • Gather up your snacks in rainbow order.
  • Fill cups with favorite dips and salsas.
  • Arrange chips in a row, in color order.
  • Present to customers on buffet, banquet and tabletops.

It’s that easy! Tell us in the comments what other charcuterie innovation you’re working so we can support your efforts.

And learn more about our wooden display crates in this handy sell sheet (PDF). Reach out to our Customer Service team or Sales Reps to request a sample or ask a question.

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