Sustainability or social responsibility is fast becoming a prime concern for hospitality industry. Consumers are also increasingly aware of the issue of sustainability, expecting restaurants and hotels to assume responsibility and conduct their business with the environment in mind.

Sustainable dining and tourism is not just a rising trend, it has quickly becoming a deciding factor for consumers on where to take their business.

Key eco-friendly hospitality trends:

  • Cutting down on food waste.
  • More plant-based options on the menu.
  • Minimizing water usage beyond the hotel room.
  • Eliminating single-use plastics.
  • Conserving energy.
  • Sustainability of service.
trail mix in bamboo cones in cone holders from tablecraft

What TableCraft Is Doing:

Our products are built to last. When you buy a TableCraft product, you know you are getting something built to last a lifetime, not just a quick fix; from our enamelware to cast iron. We even offer a re-coating service for our Professional Bakeware range to improve longevity.

However, we know that there is still a high demand for disposable products in the event catering industry. Taking a stand against single-use plastics, we developed a sustainable range of bamboo and pine wood products for use at weddings, festivals, in food trucks and more!

The range is made from untreated bamboo or untreated pine wood. Both materials are biodegradable and (in theory) compostable, although neither are suitable for home composting. The range includes serving cones, cups, plates, flatware and picks; and packs are polybagged for hygiene (food safety) and to prevent wear or contamination, although packaging is kept to a minimum. You can see the full range here in our brochure.

We also have a wide-range of eco-friendly PLA an Paper Straws, which you can find here.

The Future:

We are fully committed to the long term eco-friendly future of our business and are consistently innovating to find new, sustainable solutions for the hospitality industry.

Examples of the variety of TableCraft’s Sustainable Serving Solutions:

pine wood plates in buffet line from tablecraft
disposable serving cups from TableCraft
chicken wings in serving cones
bamboo spoons in ketchup and mustard from tablecraft
fruit in cones
disposables forks and bamboo boats serving appetizers

For more information on our Disposable Serving range, click here. Or for all the details on our PLA an Paper Straws, click here. And, as always, reach out to our Customer Service team to ask questions or request a sample.

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