Have you met our large Enamelware Collection yet? It’s a popular group thanks to its vintage flair, durable finish and versatility. It goes from oven to table, indoor or out, with classic style!

Our Enamelware Collection is constructed using the traditional method of vitreous porcelain enamel coated steel. And we offer two color options; a creamy white with black rim or a navy-blue speckle. Each piece can be easily mixed with other styles or used all together for a striking cohesive look.

And we have a LOT of vessels to choose from, from tiny ramekins to large trays. So, in case you’re making decisions regarding this wide-reaching collection, here’s a round-up of all the different groupings. If you see something you like, be sure to reach out to the Sales or Customer Service team to learn how you can bring them into your foodservice operation.

The Plateware

You’re going to love the versatility of these plates, available in 12″ and 10″ sizes. Sure, they easily move out to the patio, sit under a warmer and look good stacked at the top of a buffet. But we also love to mix and match them with other organic items, like Acacia wood or our matte black Faux Cast Iron Trays. Plus, they give massive “camp” vibes, too. And let’s not forget this collection is easy to clean, dishwasher safe and lightweight, for easy transport to an outdoor event or around a crowded party room or campfire.

enamelware plate sets
Enamelware plates used outdoors on a picnic table
enamelware plate stack in the kitchen

... and Bowls, too!

Pasta, seafood, rice dishes and nachos are all at home in this attractive group of shallow bowls and coupes. Currently only available in the white with black rim option, these 14 oz and 20 oz bowls are perfect for serving breakfast yogurt or cereal, soups or shared dips. And the round coupe bowls in 12 oz, 24 oz and 36 oz are a shallow bowl option for entrees and desserts.

enamelware dish with pie
bowl with food
Bowl Stack Enamelware on wood table

The Ramekins

These ramekins are a new addition to the Enamelware family and offer a long list of uses on a table, in displays, buffets and for entree serving. We mix them in with other collections for a touch of rustic to a presentation. Available in 5 capacities; from 2 oz to 6 oz. To be used with sides, sauces, condiments, dips, apps and so much more.

blue ramekins set
ramekins set of white
ramekin sauce cups

The Servingware

We can’t forget these hard-working serving pieces in our Enamelware Collection, they really take the heat-safe feature to full advantage taking nachos, rolls, tray bakes and more from the oven directly to the table for serving. But could also work as a serving tray for delivering breakfast in bed or drinks out to the patio. We’ve also got rectangular serving pans, that make enchiladas and baked pastas, and round, high-sided bowls for salads and baked potato au gratin.

enamelware collection trays and bowls
enamelware trays
salad tray on a tabletop

Tumblers and Mugs

Last but not least is the Enamelware mugs and tumblers. From serving specialty drinks, coffee, tea, smoothies, juices and more but these vessels are not just for drinks. They make convenient snack cups, French fry holders, and pretzels presenters, as well as centerpiece displays and even a pencil cup!

blue enamelware mug on the outdoor table
coffee mug enamelware
enamelware collection tumblers on the table

Want to learn more about this large family of versatile servingware? Contact our Sales or Customer Service team to ask question, order samples and more.

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