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Rosemary's Baby movie poster

Name: Bec
Title: Marketing Content Developer
Movie: Rosemary’s Baby (1968)
Snack of choice: Trick or Treat Board 

For me, the snack is as important as the movie (especially as the nights are drawing in). Spooky season brings more opportunities for specialty candy and fall treats, so I like to set up a smorgasbord of sugar to get a taste of all my favorites. I use a melamine board as a base (MG1WM) which is great for easy clean up at the end of the night because is it dishwasher safe.

Then it is time to draw the curtains, grab a pillow to hide behind and start the movie. I love horror films, so picking just one was a tough choice. Rosemary’s Baby won in the end because of the gorgeous New York scenery, vintage fashion and the delicious, heart-stopping twist at the end.

Halloween Sweets Candy on Platter
Frostone Collection Display Tray (MG1WM)

Movie-Nite In: We asked the TableCraft team to give us the scoop on how they do movie night in. They told us their favorite movie, yummiest treat and what TableCraft product they use to make it happen. We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

How do you do movie night in? What do you use to set the scene? Share in the comments below.

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