Keep things cosy this month with our wide range of oven-to-table serving options. Whether you’re presenting a single-serve dish for one or family-style sides, we have the right look, size and construction for you.

Stainless Steel

small serving dishes with a crumble for TableCraft
Mini Round Server CW2070
small serving dish on a paddle for TableCraft
Tri-Ply Casserole CW2052
pulled chicken and mac and cheese on a stainless steel server
Sheet Pan Server 1006AS

Stainless Steel is a great choice for serving straight from the oven because of its durability.

Virtually indestructible, Stainless Steel boasts excellent cooking performance due to its quick heat absorption and even heat distribution. Being dishwasher safe, it is a low maintenance option for serving and clean-up. The polished appearance looks attractive on any tabletop; great for single-serve savoury dishes such a paella and mac ‘n’ cheese, or indulgent puddings like a warm chocolate brownie or fruit crumble. Heat safe to 260°C (500°F).

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french breakfast bake in triply baking dish
Tri-Ply Roast Pan CW2030
vegetable dish in the tri-ply serving dish
Tri-Ply Oval Casserole CW2040
tri-ply dishes in a hot well buffet
Colored Tri-Ply Sauce Pots CW7002_

Tri-ply dishes and servers are a versatile option, allowing you to cook and serve in the same dish. Our Try-ply cookware is constructed of 18/8 Stainless Steel interior, aluminium core and 18/8 Stainless Steel exterior.

Both aluminium and Stainless Steel are functional cookware choices on their own, but combining the two utilises the best properties of each metal. Aluminium conducts heat well (but doesn’t retain it for long), while Stainless Steel retains the heat for long periods of time. By sandwiching the two together in three layers, TableCraft are able to manufacture cook and serve ware that evenly cooks your favourite dishes to perfection.

Tri-ply pans are heat safe to Heat safe to 260°C (500°F) and are induction, stove top and oven ready. Stain and stick resistant, tri-ply would be an ideal choice for ‘al forno’ pasta dishes or baked desserts.

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blue enamelware from top
Enamelware Plates 10163, 10164
enamelware dish in white on buffet
Enamelware Serving Pan 80013
enamelware dish with fruit on a table
Enamelware Round Bowl 80017

Constructed in the traditional way, our vitreous enamel-coated steel offers a dependable, dishwasher and heat safe serving option.

Enamalware is considered ‘timeless’ for many reasons including its design, durability, smoothness and chemical-resistance. Non-reactive to food, Enamelware will hold its colour during extended use and cannot burn. High-quality TableCraft have a thick coating, ensuring that pieces do not easily chip or break. Dishwasher safe and heat safe to 260°C (500°F).

Available in two styles – Dark Blue with White Speckles, and the more traditional Creamy White with Black Rim. An excellent design choice for farm-to-table and family-style serving.

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Cast Iron

fajita platter with fried chicken and veggies
Crescent server CW30128, Acacia underliners CW30129
cast iron plans on acacia wood paddles for TableCraft
Round server CW30102
sides in cast iron pans on an acacia wood paddle
Round skillet CW30122

When looked after correctly, there are numerous benefits of cooking and serving with Cast Iron. Non-stick and chemical-free, Cast Iron is virtually indestructible (anyone who has dropped a Cast Iron pan knows who comes off worse!).

Cast Iron dishes maintain heat, staying hot during service – perfect for fajita sizzle platters or trendy baked dishes such as shakshuka.

Cast Iron is hand-wash only and it is vital that each piece is dried thoroughly before storage. But if you look after your Cast Iron cookware, it will look after you. After the initial seasoning process it has a long life span and the durability of the pan improves with use – bonus! Heat safe to 260°C (500°F).

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