With the busy spring and summer seasons just on the horizon, it’s time to think about upping your bar service game. Maybe your thinking about adding a new signature cocktails or creating some homemade infusions. Or maybe you’ve got your eye on increasing the bar’s profits. Or you’re not sure where to start. We’re here to help! We’ve got five ideas to kick start your fast-approaching outdoor season and up your bar game.


1. Ice Ice Baby!

Are you missing an opportunity to impress with ice? Yup, ice!  Go beyond cubed and crushed ice and consider a few unique or alternative options.

Large ice sphere and large cube (we have 1 ¾” molds for both) will grab the attention of your guests with the added benefit of a slower melt. Or consider the ultimate zero-waste solution and serve shots in ice glasses! We have 1 oz ice shot molds that is sure to delight. (As well as being super photographic for social media.)

And let’s not forget about ice delivery. We’ve got scoops with drainage holes to prevent melted ice from watering down your drinks. Plus, create an upscale bartender experience with ice tongs.

Learn more about our ice trays, click here.

ice products for your bar area
Ice Tongs (532T)
Ice Scoop (BSC1216)
Ice Cubes (BSCT2)
Ice Spheres (BSRT2)
Ice Shot Glasses (BSST)
Flight Paddle (FLIGHT1)
1. Ice Tongs (532T) | 2. Ice Scoop (BSC1216) | 3. Ice Cubes (BSCT2) | 4. Ice Spheres (BSRT2) | 5. Ice Shot Glasses (BSST) | 6. Flight Paddle (FLIGHT1) | 

2. Take Flight

With the explosion of craft beers and other small-batch options, customers want to get on board and sample something new. Offering a tasting flight can help indecisive customers and expose them to a new favorite beer or cocktail.

We have an assortment of wood or Stainless Steel flight paddles and small vintage-look glasses or mini mason jars to add a few tasting flights to your menu. Flight options might include local brews, cider tours, and seasonal tastes on tap.

Or, include upscale wine tasting to your menu with our sophisticated black-matte wine glass holder. Flights based around vineyard locations, specific vintages and flavor profiles can provide guests an impromptu wine tasting experience.

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flight paddles for bartending post
Bamboo Paddle (FLIGHT1)
Better Burger Paddle (20002)
Paddle (FLIGHT1)
Black Wine Flight (WF300BK)
1. Bamboo Paddle (FLIGHT1) with Mason Jar Glasses (FLBEER4) | 2. Better Burger Paddle (20002) | 3. Paddle (FLIGHT1) with vintage-style glasses (FLGLASS4)  | 4. Black Wine Flight (WF300BK) 

3. Shake It Up

Nothing says “classic bartending” like a cocktail shaker. “Shaken not stirred” is the preferred style for many classics, such as a Martinis and Manhattans. A good shake shake shake is necessary to integrate the ingredients faster (and better), add a bit of effervescence, and chill the cocktail quickly.

We’ve got a few timeless options, including a nostalgic Mason jar style (very farmhouse), to the classic beehive and Stainless Steel.

And NEW for 2020 is our Boston shaker with a vinyl coating. It provides a positive grip and insulates the bartender’s hand from the icy metal. And color coding can help reduce accidental mix-ups.

Check out all the TableCraft bar shakers here.

bartending shakers for TableCraft
3-Piece Bar Shaker (1217T)
Plastic 3-piece shaker (PS378)
Mason jar shaker (MJS30)
4. Vinyl-coated shaker (10369)
1. 3-Piece Bar Shaker (1217T) | 2. San plastic 3-piece bar shaker (PS378) | 3. Mason Jar 3-piece shaker (MJS30) | 4. Vinyl-coated bar shaker (10369)

4. Pour It Well

While you’re updating your bartending supplies, it’s a good time to consider waste. By adding pourers, you’ll get an accurate, smooth pour, reducing  waste and over-pours. Our Measured Proper Pour™ collection features multi-ball technology to ensure accurate, consistent pour and prevents evaporation. Plus, we offers color-coding for quick bottle identification during busy service times.

To keep your stock sanitary on the shelf, we also carry a wide range of flip top pourers, screened pourers and pourer covers to keep pesky fruit flies, dust and other contaminants out of your liquor bottles.

See the Bar Solutions Sell Sheet for more information and ideas.

pourers and the bar tools
Wieghted Flip Cap Pourer (597P)
Chrome Plated Spout (670)
Jet Pourer (320A)
Black Pourer with Sanitary Screen (33BK)
Proper Pour III red with red dip tube (148A)
1. Weighted flip cap pourer (597P) | 2. Chrome plate spout (670) | 3. Jet pourer (320A) | 4. Plastic pourer with sanitary screen (33BK) | 5. Proper Pour red non-collared (148A)
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