Last year we debuted our TableCraft To-Go Pouches in three sizes and have watched and listened in amazement at how our customers are using them. From carry-out juices and cocktails, to meal kits and in-school snacks, and organizing catering supplies and spices — we’re blown away by the super versatility of these plastic pouches.

New to you? A few more Pouch Points to ponder: Pouches are available in 10 oz, 16 oz and 32 oz sizes. Custom imprinting is available. They’re made of recyclable plastic. And they’re available as a Cash & Carry item. Learn more in our pouch brochure (PDF)  Or on our website.

Need inspiration? We compiled a photo list of pouch possibilities below.

There are so many creative ways to use our To-Go Pouches. Need some ideas? See our checklist and inspiration photos below …

  • Replace your disposable plastic or Styrofoam to-go cups and save space
  • Portion liquids such as juice, cocktails, smoothies and more!
  • Use with meal kits to corral ingredients
  • Combine nuts and dried fruits for high energy, nutritious snacks
  • Organize small kitchen tools and catering supplies
  • Buy ingredients and spices in bulk and portion for use
  • Store dry goods such as coffee, rubs and toppings
  • Create unique promotional give-a-way bags
  • Offer to-go snacks and treats to guests and students

Ideas To-Go!

To-Go Pouches for Snacks
Pouch of beans with dip from TableCraft
Gym snacks to go pouches tablecraft
Asparagus Meal Kit Pouch from TableCraft
Charcuterie TO GO with our To-Go Pouches
Meal Kit Ingredients Pouches
Customized Pouches To Go
Plastic pouches of hot chocolate powder and marshmallows

From innovative solutions in the kitchen, carry-out and hospitality, these To-Go Pouches may be your go-to solution. How are you using the To-Go Pouches in your foodservice operation? Please share in the comments.


Get in touch with your TableCraft Sales Rep to order samples.

View and Save our To-Go Pouches Brochure (PDF)
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