cruddy clear warp box that needs replacementWe’re all too familiar with that oversized cardboard box of plastic film or aluminum foil in a busy commercial kitchen.

You know the one, it’s dirty, soggy and broken from use in just a matter of days. Not only does it look terrible, the wrap gets easily tangled and wastes time and, eventually, money when it gets thrown away because the box no longer contains the wrap. Not to mention the issues with sanitary and contamination.

It’s an annoying problem in kitchens worldwide. But there’s a solution: A professional foil/film dispenser.

At TableCraft, we offer several options including the KenKut 3, a customer favorite. Each offers many benefits that surpasses the basic cutter box and streamlines back-of-house tasks.

For example, the KenKut 3 ….

  • saves money by reducing waste and using 100% of the film,
  • keeps food safe by eliminating cross-contamination from unsanitary cardboard,
  • has an operator-friendly design, including a stay-open lid that makes loading (on roll or boxed film) a breeze. Just drop-in and go!
  • includes a wall-mounting option or suction cup feet, that allows for more hands-free control when wrapping foods and containers.
  • has two blade options: the interchangeable slide cutter for film or metal safety bade for foil.

If you’re ready to level-up from a basic cardboard cutter box, we’ve got your solutions.

Need to see more? Watch this short demonstration video:

Are you ready to replace the cardboard cutter box?

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