In this new series, our TableCraft staffers take us through their top 5 products they love to use at home or have a very special memory associated. This week our EU Marketing Creator Rebecca takes us through her top picks.

White melamine bowl with salad

1. Sierra Melamine Collection

I started my journey at TableCraft on a temporary contract as a member of the Customer Service Team in the summer of 2016 (they haven’t been able to get rid of me since). It was around this time that my boyfriend and I had just started dating and I was introduced to ‘man portions’. So, my first ever purchase from stock was a Round Angled Sierra Collection Melamine Bowl, 1.4 L (M4088WH) for him to eat his breakfast cereal from in the mornings. Due to the hardiness and durability of melamine, he still uses the same bowl to this day!

2. Cube Glass Salt & Pepper Shakers

A TableCraft Christmas tradition is the annual stock take, where warehouse, office and sales staff, join forces to check and count all stock before closing down for the holidays. Now I love getting involved with the nitty gritty of stock take and often volunteer for the awkward items. My favourite stock count was when I counted single hole tops for our 0.5oz Cube Salt & Pepper shakers (30S&P) – there were over 5000 of them if I remember correctly (too many to count on my fingers).

Glass salt and pepper shakers
woman with wooden spoons

3. Wooden Spoons

After a year of working in Customer Service, I transitioned into a marketing role and became a member of the international MarCom team – just in time for Host Milano, 2017. For the event, TableCraft had to produce a gift for a gala dinner held by one of our Italian distributors. It was decided we should customise 340 Wooden Spoons (W16) by etching them with our logo and painting the tips with the Italian flag. The tips were hand painted and involved many late nights in my Dad’s garage to get them shipped on time.

4. The Pulito Collection

The Pulito Collection holds a place in my heart because it is the first (and only) collection I have ever had the privilege of naming. Pulito is the Italian translation for ‘clean’, a reflection of the simplicity and clean lines of the first bowl to be launch from the collection (123460). Excitingly there is much more to come from the Pultio Collection for 2021 – watch this space!

Pasta in white melamine bowl with meatballs
Flexible measuring cups for baking

5. Flexible Measuring Cups

And finally, my go-to product at home: Flexible Measuring Cups (HSMC3). Regularly used for my very bad baking attempts, brewing cold-brew coffee or steeping iced tea, I use my set nearly every day! I have also found a fairly unique, alternative way to use these which you can read all about here.

My TableCraft Top 5 is a series written by the TableCraft staff about products we (and love) use in our own kitchens. Because we all have our favorites! What are yours? We’d love to hear which products are your kitchen’s MVPs below in the comment section.

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