In this installment of TableCraft Out of the Box, Rebecca talks us through her new lockdown DIY skills where she found an ingenious new use for TableCraft Flexible Measuring Cups.

REBECCA: This year has certainly not been what I had planned. Back in March many of the TableCraft EU Team were placed on furlough and the UK was put under lockdown, so (not being able to leave the house) I gave myself a new job of being a full-time ‘lockdown tradey’ and set to work on renovating our house.

We went BIG with our renovations and found that we actually needed to do more structural work than planned, so I regularly found myself needing to mix up cement, concrete & base plaster. These compounds are sold in big 20kg (40lb) bags and I found I needed a way of getting the raw material out of the bag without moving it too often or tearing it.

This is where my set of TableCraft Flexible Measuring Cups (code HSMC3) came into play. Made of silicone, I found the flexible 3-sided design made it exceptionally easy to scoop, measure and mix, straight out of the bag.

plaster cups diy
Rebecca DIY Lockdown
DIY Concrete fireplace

Great for dry and wet materials, the different unit of measure printed on the side of each cup made it convenient to ‘eyeball’ my materials, plus they bounced if I dropped them! I would completely recommend these to any amateur tradey as they were easy to clean between uses, although I would advise having a different set for baking with!

At TableCraft, we often think “outside the box” to provide new solutions to our customers’ needs, and sometimes the solutions find us! And that’s what the OUTSIDE THE BOX (OSTB) TableTalk blog series is all about — spotlighting those nontraditional, yet practical, uses for TableCraft products submitted by our staff and friends.

Are you using a TableCraft product to solve a problem in a unique way? Share in the comments.

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