In this TableCraft Out of the Box, Jessica takes us through her kid’s craft room where TableCraft jars and shakers come in handy … and live up to the CRAFT in our name!

JESSICA: My kids love to do crafts and they have a ton of different supplies that we’ve collected over the years. It’s usually a mess. But I found TableCraft’s array of spice shakers and resealable jars to be so handy when it’s time to clean up. AND they look pretty on the shelves, inspiring more creative projects.

I used the Mini Spice Jars (H92004) to gather up the buttons and small wooden beads. The 3 oz Spice Shaker (HGJ3RT) came in handy for glitter and the rotating lid even made it easier to “shake” onto projects. There’s a 1.5 oz shaker (HGJ15RT) for smaller amounts, too. The duo of plastic resealable jars, in oval and round shapes, was ideal for organizing colored floss and large wooden beads. And they’re plastic, so extra-durable for small hands to open and close.

Craft Room Jars and Shakers
Floss in a jar for OSTB
Gitter Jars in rotating lid shakers

Craft Basket Challenge: Just last week the kids wanted to do a craft challenge. So I put a bunch of random supplies in two classic TableCraft baskets, one for each of them. And they had to come up with the most creative, coolest, prettiest craft project using ONLY those crafting supplies. It was a fun game and took up a few hours so I could get some uninterrupted work time! Win win!

Craft supplies in Baskets

At TableCraft, we often think “outside the box” to provide new solutions to our customers’ needs, and sometimes the solutions find us! And that’s what the OUTSIDE THE BOX (OSTB) TableTalk blog series is all about — spotlighting those nontraditional, yet practical, uses for TableCraft products submitted by our staff and friends.

Are you using a TableCraft product to solve a problem in a unique way? Share in the comments.

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