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Two Cheers for the Two-Tiered Riser

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Perfect for breakfast buffets, grab-and-go stations or merchandising, we’re really excited that our Two-Tiered Crate Frame Riser (11000) is so popular with customers. It might be one of our most multi-functional pieces, and it gets used in all variety of food service environments.

The black power-coated steel frame has two tiers that can be adjusted to lay flat or at an angle. The shelves are designed to fit our collection of charming wooden Gastronorm Display Crates (learn more here), in endless configurations, but that’s only the beginning.

Download Two-Tier Frame Riser info (PDF)
animated riser displays

The Two-Tiered Crate Frame Riser (11000) includes a removable chalkboard that adds function and a little whimsy to your display. Leave customers instructions, memos or friendly salutations.

Here are a few examples of ways you can customize your two-tiered riser:

Two-Tiered Riser with breakfast items

Good morning! This setup includes our Gastronorm Display Crates in Acacia: a half-size Crate with tall sides (CRATE12) for baked goods, half-size Crate with shorter sides (CRATE124) for single-serve oatmeal and a full-size Crate (CRATE11) on the bottom row for breakfast drinks.

Two-Tiered riser Frame with snacks

Offering an afternoon snack to guests? This setup includes a similar collection of Gastronorm Crates as the display to the left, but in sleek black painted wood (CRATE11BK). You can learn more about our large collection of display crates here.

Two tiered riser with cold items

Need to keep your offering chilled? This configuration includes our full-size Cooling Plate (CW60100) from our buffet line on the top riser to keep yogurt cold and full-size Crate (CRATE11W) with a standard-size food pan to keep smoothie drinks on ice.

Fruit and pastries get an elevated presentation on our classic riser. Our Frostone white faux marble trays (MG1WM) fit perfectly in the frame to display items or bowls — in this case our Crofthouse Mixing Bowls (700012) full of fruit. The bottom tier uses a full-size Crate (CRATE11BK) with a food pan to serve fresh pastries, shown on an angle.

two tiered riser with bakery items

This charming adaptation would be perfect for a bakery or buffet. The delicate pastries are being protected and kept fresh by two of our classic Dome Displays (PC1) that fit our Gastronorm Crate collection beautifully. You might notice the top crate (CRATEB11BK) has a solid plank bottom rather than the traditional slates. Our collection includes both options. See more about our Display Crates.

The riser ships from our warehouse flat and features a lock & channel design for quick and easy assembly.

Yup, this multi-functioning Two-Tiered Crate Frame Riser (11000) might turn out to be the hardest working riser on your service line.

To learn more about this product and how to order it, reach out to your rep or distributer. You can find a sales rep here or call our customer service group to help direct you.

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