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harry potter movie poster

Name: Amanda
Title: Product Manager
Movie: Harry Potter (film franchise)
Snack of choice: popcorn, extra buttery popcorn

Being the monumental fantasy nerd that I am, when I have loads of time on my hands and feel like escaping reality, I like to dive right in to the world of Harry Potter. I head to my movie collection, grab the entire franchise on Blu-Ray, slip on a pair of fuzzy socks and comfy pants and settle in for some of my favorite characters of all time. To create the perfect setting, I pop some movie theatre popcorn with extra butter pour over (yes, I’m aware of how unhealthy that is) and serve it to myself in TableCraft Home’s Snack Bucket (10362). Now… if only I could use magic to retrieve my remote control from the coffee table to press play without moving, because obviously the dogs have settled in and snuggled up. Time to give Wingardium Leviosa a shot! Wish me luck!

popcorn night in for a movie
Popcorn Snack Bucket (10362)
Salt and Pepper Shakers (10403)
Serving Crate (CRATE11)

Movie-Nite In: We asked the TableCraft team to give us the scoop on how they do movie night in. They told us their favorite movie, yummiest treat and what TableCraft product they use to make it happen. We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

How do you do movie night in? What do you use to set the scene? Share in the comments below.  

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