TableCraft Amy Waala-Hay

Name: Amy
Title: Senior Graphic Designer
Movie: Ever After? High Fidelity? A Marvel movie? Jane Austen?
Snack of choice: Movie night trail mix

In our family, Movie Night Trail Mix is a “whatever you can find in the pantry” kind of trail mix. Marshmallows, pretzels, and M&Ms? Yup! Nuts, popcorn, and sunflower seeds? Toss them in! Chocolate chips, sesame sticks, a sprinkle of seasoning? Even better. We scoop as much as we want from our storage jars of goodies into a Crofthouse Collection™ Mixing Bowl (700012) and mix up the easiest (and always unique) tasty snack perfect for any movie night! Now, if only picking a movie was as simple…

movie at home amy
Crofthouse Collection Mixing Bowl, set of 3 (700012)
12 oz Resealable Jar, set of 4 (CJS12)
Brickhouse Collection Mini Pail (GTSS33)
Acacia Collection Display Board (ACAV2008)

Movie-Nite In: We asked the TableCraft team to give us the scoop on how they do movie night in. They told us their favorite movie, yummiest treat and what TableCraft product they use to make it happen. We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

How do you do movie night in? What do you use to set the scene? Share in the comments below.

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