We are already at that point of the year where we’ll be seeing football on TV every week until a champion is decided sometime in February. While the games don’t matter yet, before you know it people will be making their plans around football…if they aren’t doing so already.

Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday will all potentially be getting a bump in attendance at bars and restaurants around the country because every game matters. Because of that, it’s important that your menu reflects the same with easy, yet tasty options that can be turned around quickly for the 3+ hour span the game is on.

How you serve those items also makes a difference. Presentation and cleanability play a key role in keeping customers happy while still being speedy in the kitchen. That’s why our Brickhouse Collection is the perfect addition to any casual dining experience.

The Brickhouse Collection is a complete set of serving pieces that will help elevate any food’s presentation. Platters, pails, fry cups and ramekins all come in a variety of sizes and styles that are all dishwasher safe. Made of 18-8 stainless steel with a brick pattern texture, the stackable design will also allow you to save space in your kitchen.


dishes with hamburger

The Brickhouse platters come in three different shapes: round, oval and rectangular. Each shape also has a small and large option. These platters are perfect for quick entrees like sandwiches,burgers and hot dogs, but also work well for appetizers and shareables like chicken wings, sliders, nachos and quesadillas.


brickhouse collection bucket with drinks

The Brickhouse pails come in three different sizes: small, medium and large. Each comes with a handle for easy carrying. The large pail is perfect for beer bucket specials. Filled with ice and a variety of beers, this set it and forget item will free up your bartender to other guests. The smaller pails are great for things like popcorn and peanuts, which will eventually turn into more buckets of beer!

Fry Cups

brickhouse collection sandwhich with tots

Brickhouse fry cups come in a variety of styles: slanted, round, and tapered. The five different options are great accent pieces for side orders like fries, tater tots, cheese sticks, pretzel sticks or even healthy options like fruits and veggies. Every size and style is dishwasher safe and stack making them easy to store away.


brickhouse collection starters in mini buckets

Brickhouse ramekins all come in the same stainless steel brick pattern texture at three different capacities: 1.5, 2.5 and 3 oz. These ramekins are great for standard condiments like ketchup, mayo and ranch or they can be used to sample your house special sauces. And don’t forget you need a way to present the cheese sauce for your hot pretzel!

Table Caddy

brickhouse collection utencil service

The Brickhouse table caddy is a unique addition to the collection. This caddy can be a permanent fixture on your tables for flatware and napkins. A waitress could also carry this with the built-in handle when delivering your homemade sauces paired with our squeeze bottles. The caddy matches the rest of the collection, but is handwash only.

Beverage Tub

TableCraft Tub Cool Bottles

To complete the collection we have our Single Wall Beverage Tub Set. It is the perfect addition for high volume beverage service during the games. The set includes the beverage tub, stand, condensation and accessory trays. This beverage tub set could be used as a secondary bar location or for private parties.

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