September is #FoodSafetyMonth which gave us the perfect opportunity to spotlight our SaferFood Solutions products. This may be the October Look Book, but food safety should be a year-long priority in any establishment.

Prevent Cross-Contamination

Color coding equipment is also one way to demonstrate to Food Standards Enforcement Officers that a business is taking steps to eliminate health risks. During an inspection, this will show that a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system is in place to help avoid cross-contamination.

Our chopping boards come in three standard sizes. All are available to purchase as a pack or individually to suit your needs. So your food hygiene standards can go from 🙁 to 🙂

prevent cross contamination

Purple Proof Your Kitchen

Food allergies and intolerances are often life changing and are becoming more and more difficult for chefs to manage during service. With 14 common allergens, there may be a variety of intolerances and allergies to juggle. Our purple range of markers, boards and tethered caps with not only help to prevent contaminated food but will also help chefs to store food safely.

Reports suggest that almost half of all fatal food allergy reactions are from food consumed outside of the home, so take action to make your kitchen safer today.

purple proof your kitchen common allergens

That’s a Wrap

Reduce cross-contamination from unsanitary cardboard cutter boxes by using our Rapid Wrap Film Dispenser. Perfect for wrapping hot or cold food, using cling film during food prep and service complies to HACCP regulations and food code standards.

The load-and-go design save time, money and keeps your kitchen running more efficiently with TableCraft’s SaferFood Solutions to wrapping food. Made of durable, break resistant ABS plastic, the Rapid Wrap comes with a wall mounting option and suction cup feet, which allows for more control while wrapping dishes.

that's a wrap cross contamination

Keep it Color Coded

Our wide range of squeeze bottle accessories help staff identify the contents of sauces and condiments, at the front or back of house. Colored silicone bands (SB53A) can be added all 53mm opening bottles and colored end caps are designed to fit all our Invertatop bottles.

keep it color coded squeeze bottles

Cold Holding Solutions

Our Professional Bakeware is highly-dependable and promotes food safe practices. Handcrafted Sand Cast Aluminum offers a virtually unbreakable design and maintains a cold serving temperature for an extended period of time. Safe down to -22 degrees. (Read more: Everything You Need to Know About Professional Bakeware.)

cold holding solutions

Raising the Bar

We offer a wide variety of products to stay safe while serving behind the bar. Our Pourer Covers and Screen Em Pourers are perfect for stopping cross contamination and alcohol evaporation, limiting wasted and improving hygiene standards.

raising the bar

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