September is Back to School month. However, we aren’t talking about writing utensils, folders and notebooks, but rather nutrition, a balanced diet and dining room essentials.

Elementary School

We know nutritional guidelines can be confusing, but by using the NHS Eatwell Guide we have come up with a simple serving solution to encourage students of all ages to build themselves a balanced lunch using color-coded bowls. Students build themselves a lunch by picking one food of each color to provide themselves with protein for growth, healthy fats for brain power and carbohydrates for energy to power through the afternoon. Our color-coded melamine bowls fit into standard cold wells keeping food at the correct temperature through a busy lunchtime service and our portion controlled scoops come in a range of sizes to be scaled up or down depending on the age group.

nailing nutrition guidelines

Balanced Lunch Choices

Using our M4024 melmine bowls, students can now build their lunch by picking one food from each container including a tbsp of fats like olive oil, salad dressing, avocado or olives.

1-2 scoops of carbs

  • bread
  • rice
  • pasta
  • potatoes
  • oats
  • cereals
  • buckwheat
  • quinoa
  • cous-cous

2 tbsp of diary

  • milk
  • cheese
  • yogurt

1-2 scoops of protein

  • meat
  • fish
  • eggs
  • chickpeas

1-2 scoops of vegetables

  • broccoli
  • celery
  • spinach
  • lettuce
  • mushrooms
  • peppers
  • beetroot
  • carrot
  • sweetcorn
for a balanced lunch choose

Hydration Stations

As we know, getting water into kids can often be a battle. So why not try placing ‘hydration stations’ around the dining room allowing little ones to help themselves throughout the day. Add flavor and interest by using sliced fresh fruit or herbs to the infuser core, or into the reservoir.

hydration stations

High School

Grab & Go

Suitable for most single-serve fruit; our fruit baskets are ideal for grab-and-go and for checkout displays in your cafeteria. Available in a sparkling chrome finish or chic black powder coating, these dispensers enable students to be a little more adventurous when choosing their afternoon snack. Try keeping fruit local, organic and in-season for the freshest and tastiest produce.

grab and go fruit servers

Healthy Snacks

Another great way to get kids eating healthy is by using our disposable cones and cone holder. Ideal for serving soft fruits or berries, why not serve them with a drizzle of honey for extra sticky sweetness.

Junk free snacks have grown in popularity with care-givers looking for low-sugar tasty alternatives to candy. Try making our 5 ingredient energy bites and serve them in our bamboo boats.

Veggies sticks may not be the most appealing of snacks, but you can try serving them in a disposable cup with a dollop of salsa or ranch dressing to add flavor and interest.

healthy snacks


For the Dining Room

Load up plastic baskets with nachos, burritos or french fries for the ultimate fast-food fix whilst keeping students on campus. Line with parchment paper or liners for easy clean up. Our signature product is sure to be a hit with both catering staff and students alike.

Every dining room needs salt and pepper shakers, so you’ll be sure to find a set that fits your needs from our range of 20+ styles. Set your table apart with the traditional Eiffel style or 1 oz cube shakers. Chrome Plated and glass designs fit seamlessly into a contemporary interior, while wood mills provide a rustic restaurant feel.

Flatware containers are an essential product for self-service dining. Our practical caddy contains six compartments for flatware, napkins or condiment sachets. Replacement inserts are available in stainless steel or plastic and are dishwasher safe.

for the dining room plastic baskets, salt and pepper

Operation Clean Up

Our FDA approved bus tubs all have a safe working load up to 50 pounds (that’s a lot of flatware). Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, we have one for every dining room.

operation clean up

Behind the Scenes

Purple-Proof Your Kitchen

Highlight allergens easily during prep and service using this simple system which is HACCP compliant. Melamine Table Tents allow you to write your own messages on them with dry erase markers to warn students of possible allergens. Purple Paddle Picks are eco-friendly and help easily highlight and identify any food them may be harmful to some. Our Purple Grippy Cutting Boards are designed to eliminate cross-contamination during the prep stage in the kitchen. And our Purple Tethered Caps make the kitchen staff known of the potential allergens inside the bottle.

purple proof your kitchen with cutting board

Speed Up Your Service with Squeeze Bottles

Keep your serice seamless at breakfast, lunch and dinner with our squeeze bottles. Ideal for front or back of the house, they can be used for all kinds of sweet or savory sauces. Made of leakproof ‘soft’ polyethylene PerfectFlex for fast prep. Replacement cone TipTop available for all sizes shown. Easy to fill and easy to clean.

speed up your service with squeeze bottles

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