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Name: Jessica
Title: Social Media Manager
Movie: Star Wars
Snack of choice: skillet chocolate chip cookie

Here’s how we do Star Wars night at my house. First, we start any Star Wars movie and preheat the oven. After the big intro logo/theme music and we’ve read the narration part, the mixer comes out and we start the chocolate chip cookie recipe. And, yup, snack on those chocolate chips all while getting invested in the main characters. As the story picks up, (“it’s real, all of it”) I spread the dough on the bottom of a skillet, I use the TableCraft round cast iron skillet (CW30104). And pop it into the preheated oven to bake. Just when all hope is lost, and it looks like the Empire will win again (“join the dark side!”), that cookie will be ready. Our favorite toppings include ice cream, whipped cream or even mashed strawberries. Then, we pass around the warm skillet and enjoy as we cheer on the heroes and watch the Empire fall … again. Cue the group hug and dancing Ewoks.  

cast iron skillet cookie team tablecraft
Mini Round Server (CW30104)

Movie-Nite In: We asked the TableCraft team to give us the scoop on how they do movie night in. They told us their favorite movie, yummiest treat and what TableCraft product they use to make it happen. We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

How do you do movie night in? What do you use to set the scene? Share in the comments below.

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