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Name: Rebecca
Title: EU Marketing Coordinator 
Movie: Moulin Rouge
Snack of choice: Ice cream with loads of fresh fruit

I’m really no film buff and, for me, the best kinda movies are the ones you can sing (or dance) along too. Firstly the setting: make-up off, PJs on, curtains closed, gather all the blankets and pillows you are going to need. Next, pick your snack. I’m an ice cream girl through and through, and I love it served with heaps of fresh berries. I use the strawberry corer from the TableCraft Home Mini Fruit Tools Set (H50001) to prep my fruit, then serve with Oppo Columbian Chocolate & Hazelnut ice cream. My beverage of choice? A cup of tea (can you tell I’m British?!) Can-can dancing is, of course, optional.

Movie Nite In With Rebecca
Jadeite Sundae Dish (HJ453)
Acacia Collection Display Board (123480)
Fruit Tools (H50001)
Frostone Collection Slate (MGC13 – food service)

Movie-Nite In: We asked the TableCraft team to give us the scoop on how they do movie night in. They told us their favorite movie, yummiest treat and what TableCraft product they use to make it happen. We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

How do you do movie night in? What do you use to set the scene? Share in the comments below.

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