We’re always fishing for new ideas to share … and in this edition of TableCraft OUTSIDE THE BOX, Lindsay from our Accounting team tells us about a genius use for our resealable jar set — that’s increasing her husband’s side business profits! 

LINDSAY: My husband is really into fishing and he started his own little side business paint-coating fishing jigs. He has a bunch of powder paint and he will warm up the jig under a candle which helps the paint stick to the jig. Then, dip the jig into the powder to paint them. Afterwards, he bakes them in the oven to seal the paint to the jig.

In hopes of creating new colors by mixing powders, he had asked me to look to see if TableCraft had sold any small jars with lids that he could use. When I saw Tasting Flight Set (#HFLGLASS5) with nifty resealable jars I knew this would work perfectly for him! The clip top lids are great for no accidental spills. It is also convenient that the jars come in a crate which makes it great for storage. My husband has sold a lot more jigs with the new colors he created!

OTB TableCraft resealable jars painting
jig painting with resealable jars tcp otb
Fishing jigs tablecraft otb

At TableCraft, we often think “outside the box” to provide new solutions to our customers’ needs, and sometimes the solutions find us! And that’s what the OUTSIDE THE BOX (OSTB) TableTalk blog series is all about — spotlighting those nontraditional, yet practical, uses for TableCraft products submitted by our staff and friends.

Are you using a TableCraft product to solve a problem in a unique way? Share in the comments.

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